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Operation Neptune, 6.6.1944

Material about allied forces see (1070)(1104). Best material for German forces see WLB-Stuttgart(1071)


In landing area: 3 T-Boats, 29 E-Boats, 36 R-Boats, 36 MS and Patrols
T28, Möwe, Jaguar (Falke in Reperatur)

T28 Flottentorpedoboot (1943) (Flottentorpedoboot 1939), Falke (1944) (Torpedoboot Typ 23 Raubvogelklasse), Jaguar (1940) (Torpedoboot Typ 24 Raubtierklasse),
V1509 Rau II ….

Vorpostenboote ex Walfänger (1/600)
4, 5., 9.S-Flottille
4. (S 169, S 171, S 172, S 174, S 173, S 175, S 187 und S 188),
5.(S 136, S 138, S 140, S 142, S 100 und S 139),
9. (S 130, S 144, S 145, S 146, S 150, S 167 und S 168)

S-Boote S100-Klasse 1/700 (S100 class)
6.6.44 Port-en-Bessin und Isigny AF 62, AF 64, AF 67 und AF 72 selbstversenkt
Dieppe AF15

AF Typ D2. Artilleriefähre (MFP D), AF Typ C3 Artilleriefährprahm 1944 (MFP C) (1/1250), AF Typ D 2.Version Artilleriefähre 1944 (MFP D), AFP-A 1942 Flaklighter (MFP A) (1/600)

more far

vor Le Havre (R49, R97, R99…)

R89 Minenräumer Typ 89 (1942-45) (Typ R89)
2. (S 177, S 178, S 179, S 181 und S 189), dann nach Boulogne
8. (S 83, S 117, S 127 und S 133)

S-Boote S100-Klasse 1/700 (S100 class)
8. Z-Flottille
Brest Z 32, Z 24, ZH 1 und T 24

Z37 (Zerstörer Klasse 1936A (mob) Narvik), Z28 (1945) (Zerstörer Klasse 1936A), ZH-1 ex Gerard Callenburgh / Tjerk Hiddes (Isaac Sweers class), T23 Flottentorpedoboot (1942) (Flottentorpedoboot 1939)
V 1314, V 2021 und V 2020
11. M-Flottille
Holland M 348, M 307, M 347, M 264 und M 131

M12 M-Boot Typ 35 (1940) (M-Boot Typ 35),
Caen 12.6.44 V 206 / Otto Bröhan und V 212/ Fritz Busse sowie Räumboot R 231 selbstversenkt.
24. M-Flottille
12.6. St.Malo/Jersey Geleit M 412, M 422, M343, M 432, M 442 und M 452. Unterstützung durch V 203 und M 4615

M12 M-Boot Typ 35 (1940) (M-Boot Typ 35)
12.6. Kap de la Hague M83…

M12 M-Boot Typ 35 (1940) (M-Boot Typ 35)
werden komplett abgedrängt. Nur Schnorchel-Boote aussichtsvoll. Von Bisklaya aus 7.-15.aufgestellt U 228, U 255, U 260, U 270, U 281, U 382, U 437, U 445, U 608, U 650, U 714, U 758, U 985, U 993, U 262, U 333, U 981, gefolgt von Norwegen-Booten U 767, U 1191, U 988, U 671 und U 971. Später weitere

U-Boot Typ VIIB (Typ VII), U-Boot Typ IXC (Typ IX),

U-Boot Typ Neger, U-Boot Typ (XXVIIC) Biber



USS Arkansas
eastern Omaha Beach (Wyoming class, 26,100 tons, main armament: 12 - 12"/50 cal. guns) primarily in support of the US 29th Infantry Division.

USS Arkansas BB-33 1945 (Wyoming class),
USS Nevada
Utah Beach (damaged and beached to avoid sinking at Pearl Harbor, Nevada class, 29,000 tons, main armament: 10 - 14"/45 cal. guns).

USS Nevada BB-36 1941 (Nevada class),
USS Texas
western Omaha Beach (New York class, 27,000 tons, main armament: 10 - 14"/45 cal. guns, Flagship of Rear Admiral C.F. Bryant) primarily in support of the US 1st Infantry Division.

USS Texas BB-35 (New York class),
HMS Nelson
(1925, Nelson class, 38,000 tons, main armament: nine 16 inch guns). Held in reserve until June 10.

HMS Nelson (Nelson class),
HMS Ramillies
(1915, Revenge class, 33,500 tons, main armament: eight 15-inch guns).

HMS Royal Oak (Revenge class)
HMS Rodney
(1925, Nelson class, 38,000 tons, main armament: nine 16 inch guns).

HMS Rodney (Nelson class),
HMS Warspite
(1913, Queen Elizabeth class, 35,000 tons, main armament eight 15-inch guns, only six operational).

HMS Barham 1941 (Queen Elizabeth class), HMS Warspite 1942 (Queen Elizabeth class)
former battleships, sunk as blockships
HMS Centurion
old battleship sunk as a blockship to form part of "Gooseberry" breakwater of the Mulberry harbour on Sword beach

HMS Centurion 1912 (King Goerge V (1912) class),
Courbet, Free Naval French Forces
former battleship, sunk as a blockship in "Gooseberry" breakwater on Sword beach

Courbet (1/1250), Paris 1914 (Courbet class),


USS Augusta

USS Chicago CA-29 (Northampton class),
USS Quincy, Tuscaloosa

USS San Franzisko CA-38 (New Orleans class), USS Tuscaloosa CA-37 (New Orleans class)
HMS Frobisher, Hawkins

HMS Hawkins 1942,


HMS Dido class
Argonaut, Bellona, Black Prince, Diadem
HMS Scylla xx (mined and seriously damaged, out of action until after the war)
HMS Sirius In reserve until June 10

HMS Naiad (1940) (Dido class),
HMS Leander class
Ajax, Orion

HMS Ajax 1942 (Leander class),
HMS Arethusa

HMS Arethusa 1945 (Arethusa class),
HMS Town class
Belfast, Glasgow

HMS Belfast 1943 (Town Cruiser Class|Edinburgh Cruiser Class) (1/600), HMS Sheffield 1942 (Town cruiser class|Southampton group),
HMS C class
Capetown, Ceres

HMS Coventry 1940 (C Class Cruiser)
HMS Danae
Durban, ORP Dragon x in July, used as a blockship in "Gooseberry" breakwater

ORP Conrad (Cruiser D class),
HMS Emerald class
Emerald, Enterprise

HMS Emerald (Emerald class) (1/1250), HMS Enterprise (Emerald class)
HMS Mauritius

HMS Trinidad (1942) (Colony class)
ORP Dragon
Polish, damaged in July and then used as a blockship in "Gooseberry" breakwater

ORP Conrad (Cruiser D class),
Free French Leygues class
Georges Leygues, Montcalm

Georges Leygues (1945) (La Galissonnière class)

DD, Escorts

139 ships (eighty-five British and Dominion, 40 US, 7 Free French and 7 other Allied)


Tugs (HMS TID, US V4, LT, ST),
Rescue tugs (Assurance class HMS Sesame † )

HMT Stormking (Assurance Tug class), HMS TID class (HMS TID class), as V4??, US-Tug Peder Ambjornsen ST-760 (US-Tug|ST Design 327 class), USS Fame (US 143-foot Seagoing Wooden Tug|US Large Tug),
X20 and X23 marked borders of Sword and Juno beaches


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