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2nd Battle of Heligoland Bight 17.11.1917

Royal Navy

1st Cruiser Squadron
Courageous, Glorious

HMS Glorious 1918 as light Battlecruiser (Courageous class), HMS Glorious 1917 as light Battlecruiser (Courageous class) (1/1250), HMS Furious 1917 (Courageous class) (1/1250),
M class

HMS Mary Rose (1916) (Admiralty M Class)
R class
Ursa, Urchin, Umpire

Phra Ruang (ex-HMS Radiant) (R Class Destroyer)
1st, 6th Light Cruiser Squadron
C class
Cardiff, Ceres, Calypso x , Caradoc, Caledon x

HMS Coventry 1940 (C Class Cruiser), Similar type HMS Caroline 1914 (C Class Cruiser), Similar type Mendez Nunez CL (Blas de Lezo class)
Arethusa class
Galatea, Royalist, Inconstant

HMS Arethusa 1914 (Arethusa 1914 class) (1/1250), Similar type SMS Brummer 1917
V class
Valentine, Vimiera, Vanquisher, Vehement, Vendetta

HMAS Vampire D68 (V Class Destroyer),
M class

HMS Mary Rose (1916) (Admiralty M Class)
1st Battle Cruiser Squadron

HMS Renown
more ships too distant


II. Aufklärungsgruppe
Königsberg x , Nürnberg

SMS Emden II (1916) (Königsberg class) (1/1250),

SMS Pillau / RN Bari

SMS Frankfurt 1915 (Wiesbaden class) (1/1250)
7. T-Flottille
Großes T-Boot 1913
S62, G87, G92, G93, V83, V43, V44, V45

SMS G37 (Großes Torpedoboot 1913), SMS V25 (Großes Torpedoboot 1913)
6.Minensuchhalbflottille A class

Sulev 1939 ex A-32 (A-Klasse Amtsentwurf 1915 AII) (1/1250)
6.Minensuchhalbflottille M Boote
M66, M7, M53, M4, M3, M1

M50 Typ 15 (1916) / Brommy (M-Boot Typ 15), M51 Typ 15 (1916) (M-Boot Typ 15)
6.Minensuchhalbflottille S66 class

SMS S67 (Kleines Torpedoboot 1893-1898 / S 66 class) (1/1250), Similar type Aquila class 1888 (Aquila 1888 class)
A63, A68, A69, A74, A41, A52

SMS A-68 (1917) (A-Klasse Amtsentwurf 1916 AIII), SMS A-80 (A-Klasse Amtsentwurf 1916 AIII), Sulev 1939 ex A-32 (A-Klasse Amtsentwurf 1915 AII) (1/1250)
2., 6. .Hilfsminensuchhalbflottille
IV. Sperrbrechergruppe
bewaffnete Trawler Fritz Reuter and Kehdingen †
Fernsicherung 4.Schlachtgruppe
Kaiser, Kaiserin

SMS Kaiser (Kaiser-Klasse)
Großes Torpedoboot 1911
S18, S24

T111 ex G11 (Großes Torpedoboot 1911) (1/1250), SMS S14 1912 (Großes Torpedoboot 1911)
more ships too distant


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