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Suez Crisis 29.10.-7.11.1956


Timeline, Naval Operations

Start of Israeli Invasion 29.10.
Anglo-French Attack 31.10.
Egypt sunk all 40 ships in the Suez Channel as Blockships
Start of Operation Musketeer with bombing campaign on Egypt

Egypt destroyer Ibrahim el Awal shells Haifa, French Kersaint defends. INS Eilat and INS Yaffo chase it and (captured).
Ibrahim el Awal
xx xx

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942) (Hunt-I-Destroyer)

Surcouf T47B
INS Eilat, INS Yaffo

HMS Venus (U and V class 1942),

31.10. HMS Newfoundland destroys Egypt frigate Domiat, then sunk by HMS Diana
HMS Newfoundland
HMS Diana

HMAS Vendetta D08 (Daring 1949 class), , HMS Diana 1958-1964 (Daring 1949 class) (1/1250)
Domiat †

HMS River class (River class) (1/1250)

4.11. Egypt MTB squadron attacks British destroyer, 3 MTB sunk
3 †

Order of Battle


Aircraft Carrier
Audacious class
Eagle (Wyvern, Sea Venom, Sea Hawk, Skyraider, Whirlwind)

HMS Eagle (R05) (Audacious class)
Hermes class
Albion (Sea Hawk, Sea Venom, Skyraider, Whirlwind), Bulwark (Sea Hawk, Avenger, Dragonfly)

HMS Hermes R12 1982 (Centaur class), HMS Centaur R06 (Centaur class) (1/1250),
Helicopter Carrier
Colossus class
Theseus (Whirlwind), Ocean (Whirlwind, Sycamore)

HMS Glory R62 1945 (Colossus class) (1/1250), Arromanches 1946/56 (Colossus class), HMS Colossus 1944 (Colossus class)
Colony class
Jamaica, Ceylon, Newfoundland

HMS Trinidad (1942) (Colony class)
HMNZS Royalist
withdrawn for political reasons

HMS Naiad (1940) (Dido class)
Destroyer, Frigates
Daring class
D 114 HMS Defender, D 126 HMS Diana, D 119 HMS Delight , D 05 (105 ?) HMS Daring, D 154 HMS Duchess, D 35 HMS Diamond, D 106 HMS Decoy ( D 114 HMS Defender in the Eastern Mediterranean too )

HMAS Vendetta D08 (Daring 1949 class), HMS Diana 1958-1964 (Daring 1949 class) (1/1250),
C class
D 15 HMS Cavendish, D 26 HMS Comet and D 48 HMS Contest, D 36 HMS Chieftain , D 51 HMS Chevron , D 52 HMS Chaplet

Similar type HMS Venus (U and V class 1942),
Kit candidate: HMS Caesar 1944 announced 2019 by Atlantics/Starling (not same as Venus)
Battle class
D 14 HMS Armada, D 18 (65 ?) HMS St. Kitts , D 80 HMS Barfleur

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944) (Battle Class Gr.I)
Battle mod. Class
D 86 HMS Agincourt, D 17 HMS Alamein, D 97 HMS Corunna, D 68 HMS Barrosa

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944) (Battle Class Gr.I)
River class
HMS Meon F270 (269?), as a command ship (LSH)

HMS River class (River class) (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (River class) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: River class by Starling models (STK09)
U class, rebuild as ASW frigates Type 15
F17 HMS Ulysses, F 141 HMS Undine, F 08 Urania, F 220 (200 ?) HMS Ursa

HMS Relentless, Type 15 (Type 15), HMS Volage F41 ex R41 (U and V class|Type 15) (1/1250)
W class, rebuild as ASW frigates Type 15
F 187 HMS Whirlwind, F 159 HMS Wakeful, F 72 HMS Wizzard

HMS Relentless, Type 15 (Type 15), HMS Volage F41 ex R41 (U and V class|Type 15) (1/1250)
Whitby type 12
F 43 HMS Torquay

HMS Whitby 1956 (Type 12 Whitby class), Similar type HMCS St. Laurent DDH205 (1954) (St.Laurent class) (1/1250)
Black Swan class
F 123 HMS Crane , F 42 HMS Modeste

Hipper F214 1959 (Black Swan|Klasse 138) (1/1250), Scharnhorst F213 1960 (Black Swan|Klasse 138) (1/1250), HMS Starling (Black Swan), HMS Ibis (Black Swan)
HMS Tyne
Destroyer tender as combined headquarter
S class
S 44 Sea Devil, S 56 Sentinel

HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43 (S class U-Boot)
T class
S 31 Trenchant, (S 126 Tudor also?)

HMS T class Group III (HMS T class submarine)
L 3003 Anzio, L 3027 Lofoten, L 3036 Puncher, L 3505 Ravager , L 3511 Reggio,
L 3513 Salerno, L 3516 Striker, L 3518 - 3513 ? - Suvla (American LST-3s; though Flottes de Combat 1956 shows them as having the numbers L 101, L 111, L 115, L 117, L 119, L 121, L 128, L 129 respectively assigned to them, photos of the time show them as having the USN 3000-series pennants)
LCT-8 command ship
LCH 243 Sallyport
LCT 4001 Redoubt , LCT 4039 Parapet , LCT 4040 Bastion , LCT 4043
Counterguard , LCT 4044 Portcullis , LCT 4037 Rampart , LCT 4038 Citadel , LCT 4099 Buttress
Mk IV / LCT-4
L403 and L 408
L4086 Arromanches
Mine Warfare
Abdiel class
HMS Manxman

HMS Ariadne (Abdiel Class)
Fairmile B mod
ML 2583

HMS Fairmile B (Fairmile B) (1/600)
ML 1097
HMS Mull of Galloway
Inshore MS depot ship
Command ship ex Loch class frigate
P 58 HMS Woodbridge Haven (ex-HMS Loch Corridon)

HMS Loch class (Loch class), HMS Loch Ness 1944 (Loch class) (1/1250)
Ton class
Alcaston, Coniston, Darlaston, Letterston , Appelton, Blaxton, Edderton, Upton, Clarberston, Burnaston, Highburton
and probably: Sefton,
Dufton, Fenton, Hickleton, Kildarton, Leverton, Shavington

HMS Essington (Ton class), HMS Upton M1187 1955 (Ton class) (1/1250)
Ham class
Ledsham, Altham, Asheldham, Cardinham, Chelsham, Cobham

HMS Dittisham M2621 (Ham class|Ley class|Echo class) (1/1250)
Ley class
Aveley, Brenchley, Chailey, Dingley

Similar type HMS Dittisham M2621 (Ham class|Ley class|Echo class) (1/1250)
HMS Barnstone, HMS Barhill

Ma.101 Aux Netlayer ex HMS Barlight (Bar class) (1/1250)
Auxiliaries, Replenishment, …
Fleet tanker
RFA Olna
RFA Tiderace, (A96 ?) RFA Tidereach, RFA Tiderange : Tide-class fast fleet
Armament Support Ship (Stores Support ship)
RFA Retainer (ex-
Chungking, Retainer-class)
Forth (submarine tender) , Ranpura (heavy
repair ship or submarine tender)
RFA Brown Ranger (A 163 ?, Type 1), Blue Ranger (A 157 ?, Type 2): Ranger-
class (Gold Ranger-class According to Flottes de Combat) attendant tanker (oiler)
Coastal tanker
(A 190 ?) RFA Eddycliff, (A 132 ?) RFA Eddybeach, RFA Eddybank ? : Eddy-
(A 160 ?) RFA Fort Dunvegan, (employed as Stores Issuing Ship), (A 236 ?)
RFA Fort Charlotte (employed as Stores Issuing Ship), (A 316 ?) RFA Fort Sandusky (employed as Armanet Stores Carrier), (A 229 ?) RFA Fort Duquense (
employed as Air Stores Ship) (Fort-class stores ships, replenishment ship, Fleet
Supply Ships)
Replenishment tankers
(A 193 ?) Wave Master (ex- Empire Salisbury),(A 242 ?)
Wave Baron (ex- Empire Flodden), (A 119 ?) Wave Laird (ex-Empire Dunbar),
Wave Conqueror (ex-Empire Edgehill - ex-Empire Law ? -) (A 211 ?), Wave Sovereign, Wave Victor (ex- Empire Bounty), Wave Protector (ex- Empire
Protector) (Wave-class)
(A104 ?) Eaglesdale, (A170 ?) Echodale (mainly as a freighting tanker) (
Dale-class - Type 1 ? / Third Group ? -; Cedardale-class
(A 365 ?) Surf Pioneer
Bacchus (Hebe-class Store Carrier)
Water carriers
(A257 ?) Spaburn, (A222 ?) Spapool (Spa Class coastal water
carriers) ,
Armament carrier
Kinterbury , Amherst, Isee, Tafna (last two French ?)
hydrographic ship
HMS Darymple hydrographic ship (Converted Bay Class Survey Vessel; ex-frigate
HMS Luce Bay) (written Dalrymple?)
pic by sammelhafen.de
HMS St. Austell Bay 1945 (Bay class) (1/1250)
Amhurst, Bonhill, depot ship Rampura ex WW2 AMC
Divers tender
Rescue ships
Sea Salvor, Kingworth, Dispenser


Aircraft Carrier
Colossus class
R 95 Arromanches (ex-HMS Colossus)(F4U-7, HUP-2)

HMS Glory R62 1945 (Colossus class) (1/1250), Arromanches 1946/56 (Colossus class), HMS Colossus 1944 (Colossus class)
Independence class
La Fayette (R 96,ex-USS Langley)(Avenger, HUP-2)

USS Independence CVL-22 (Cleveland|Independence),
Jean Bart

Richelieu 1943 (Richelieu class)
La Galissonnière-class
Georges Leygues

Georges Leygues (1945) (La Galissonnière class)
Aviso, Aircraft tender
F 753 Marcel le Bihan
ex German Greif

Greif B21 (1940) (1/1250)
S 610 Laubie (ex-German U.766 Type VIIC)

Base type Typ VII
613 Roland Morillot (ex-German U2518 Type XXI)

U-Boot Typ XXI U-2511 (Typ XXI), Similar type U-Boot Wilhelm Bauer (Typ XXI), U-Boot Typ XXI (Typ XXI) (1/144)
La Créole / Aurore class
S 606 La Créole
Survey ship (batiment hydrographe) as MS command ship
F 752 Amiral Mouchez (ex-frigate) 1932
M 638 Acacia (ex-AMS 69), M 667 Ajonc (ex-AMS 71), M 669 Bégonia (ex-
AMS 83), M 672 Chrysanthème (ex-AMS 113), M 674 Cyclamen (ex-AMS 119),
M 678 Glaïeul (ex-AMS 120), M 683 Liseron (ex-AMS 98), M 687 Mimosa (ex-
AMS 99), M 693 Pavot (ex-AMS 124), M 695 Pivoine (ex-AMS 125). Acacia-
class / MSC 60 (ex-AMS) , M 639 Acanthe (ex-AMS 70), M 668 Azalée (ex-AMS 67). Acacia-class / MSC 60 (ex-AMS) , M 670 Bleuét (ex-AMS 116), M 682 Lilas (ex-AMS 93). Acacia-class / MSC 60 (
ex-AMS) , M 671 Camélia (ex-AMS 63). Acacia-class / MSC 60 (ex-AMS) , M 688 Muguet (ex-AMS 97). Acacia-class / MSC 60 (ex-AMS)

Castagno M5504 (Adjutant class|Abete class|Castagno class|Sauda class) (1/1250)
Ham class
M 663 Jasmin (ex-HMS Stedham, ex-YMS 29, Ex-D 335)

HMS Dittisham M2621 (Ham class|Ley class|Echo class) (1/1250)
A 761 Criquet (ex-US AN 96). Grillon-class / UA AN type’ Off-shore ’ boom defence vessel
Groupe Amphibie
L9006 Chéliff (ex-US LST 874), L 9001 Laita (ex-US LST 177), L 9005 Odet (ex-US LST 815), L 9004 Rance (ex-US LST 223), L 9002 Orne (ex-US LST 508)

A 646 Foudre (ex-Greek Okeanos, ex-British Oceanway, ex-US LSD 12). Landing
ship dock

USS Ashland LSD-1 (USS Ashland)
LCI(L) as command ship
LCH 9055 (LCI(L)) (ex-LCI-377)

LCI(L) 1-350 Landungsboote (LCI), LCI (LCI)
LCC 9220
LCT 9070 (ex-RN LCT 1276),
LCT 9071(ex-RN LCT 1311)
LCT 9083 (ex-RN LCT R4 -ex-898- ,), LCT 9084 (ex-RN LCT R27
LVT(4), LVT(a)

LVT-4 Water Buffalo II (Brit. Buffalo IV) w/ Willy's Jeep (LVT) (1/76)

DUKW (1/76)

Destroyer, Frigates
Arabe class / Canon-class
F 717 Arabe (ex-DE 183 USS Samuel S. Miles), F 719 Bambara (ex-USS DE 186 Swearer), F 723 Berbère (ex-DE 113 USS Clarence L. Evans), F 718 Kabylie (ex-DE 185 USS Riddle), F 724 Malgache (ex-DE 190 USS Baker), F 720 Sakalave Ex-DE 194 Wingfield, F 722 Soudanais (ex-DE 763 USS Cates) , F 721 Touareg (ex-DE 747 USS Bright)

Similar type USS Cannon DE-99 Class (Cannon)
Le Corse class E50
F 764 Le Bordelais, F 763 Le Boulonnais, F 762 Le Brestois, F 761 Le Corse

Le Corse E50 F761 1955
Surcouf-class T-47
D 624 Bouvet, D 623 Cassard, D 625 Dupetit Thouars, D 622 Kersaint, D 621 Surcouf, D 628 Vauquelin, D 625 Dupetit-Thouars, D 628 Vauquelin

Surcouf T47B
F 736 Gazelle. Aviso série dite ‘ coloniale ’ de 647 t

Chamois class (Chamois class) (1/1250)
Le Normand class E52
F 765 Le Normand, F 766 Le Picard

Le Normand (Le Normand E52) (1/1250), Le Picard 1954 (E52 Le Normand class)
Auxiliaries, Replenishment, …
Oiler, Tanker
A 625 La Baïse, A 620 Elorn, A 631 Lac Tchad (ex-US oil barge Syncline), A 630 Lac Tonle Sap (Lac Tonlé-Sap) (ex-US oil barge Pumper), A 631 Lac Tchad, A 625 La Baise

Similar style USS YO-43 Fuel Barge
A 719 Bélier. , Filao, A 718 Pachyderme, A 719 Bélier
A 741 Giboulée, A 760 Liamone (ex-Arrosoir), A 638 Sahel
Submarine depot
A 641 Gustave Zédé (ex-German Saar) as amphibian force command ship

Saar 1940
Hydrogr. Survey
F 750 La Pérouse (ex-Sans Peur oder La Perouse?, ex-frigate, ex Seaplane tender)
A 761 Criquet , Replenishment ships A 741 Giboulée, A 760 Liamone

Transport of War Material to Israel in the context. The ships changed names: Aquitaine was re-named Ita 1, Saint Malo became Tima, Séte Setero, Mortain Moria, Ouistreham Istreha etc. Lorient did not change name (testimony of a crew member). Additionally (no 38) Liberty Ship Vire.
Liberty ships
Cavalaire, Lorient, Mortain, Saint Malo,
Ouistreham, Séte

USS Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien (USS Liberty), USS Liberty Frachter E 2-CS-C1 (USS Liberty)
Aquitaine, Pilote Garnier


Z class
No 40 Eilath (ex-HMS Zealous) and No 42
Yaffo (ex-HMS Zodiac)

HMS Venus (U and V class 1942)
Canadian River class
No 28 Nisgav (ex-HMCS Strathadam),
No 30 Misnak (ex-HMCS Hallowell) and No 32 Mitvach (ex-HMCS

HMS River class (River class) (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (River class) (1/1250)
MTB, Patrols
Meulan type MTB
T 200 Ayah, T 201 Baz, T 202 Daya, T 203
Nets, T 204 Peress, T 205 Tahmass
Vosper type MTB
T 209 Lilitt, T 210 Shaldagg, T 212 Tinshemett
No 22 Nogah (ex-PC 16)

HMS Fairmile B (Fairmile B) (1/600), HMS Fairmile B (Fairmile B) (1/1250)
No 21 Dror, No 25 Tirtsa, No 35 Saar

HMS Fairmile HDML (HDML) (1/600)
depot ship, Matzpen (ex-Eilat, ex-icebreaker USS Nordland)
Many ex-American LCT IVs (among them ex-US LCT 640 and LCT 673)
and ex-British LCT VIs
LCM 3/6
ca 10


Z class
El-Quahar (ex-HMS Myngs) and El-Fayeh (ex-
HMS Zenith)

HMS Venus (U and V class 1942)
Skory class
El Nasser (Al-Nasser) and El-Zaffer (Al-Zaffer)

Similar type Ognevoi Pj 30 (Ognevoi Pj 30), Bystryi (30bis/Smelyi (Skoryi) class) (1/1250), Skory (1954) (30bis/Smelyi (Skoryi) class) (1/1250)
Hunt I
10 Ibrahim el-Awal (Ibrahim Al-Awal; ex-HMS Cottesmore) and 11 Mohamed Ali el-Kebir (ex-Chinese Lin Fu ?, ex-HMS Mendi ,)

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942) (Hunt-I-Destroyer)
Black Swan mod class
41 Tarik (ex-El-Malek Farouk, ex-HMS Whimbrel - not Whimbred as mentioned in
some sources)

Similar type Scharnhorst F213 1960 (Black Swan|Klasse 138) (1/1250), Similar type Hipper F214 1959 (Black Swan|Klasse 138) (1/1250), HMS Starling (Black Swan), HMS Ibis (Black Swan)
River class
42 Akibir (ex-HMS Nith), 43 Rashid (Rosetta, ex-HMS Spey) and 44 Damiat (Damietta / Doima, ex-HMS Usk)

HMS River class (River class) (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (River class) (1/1250)
Flower class
El-Sudan (ex-Yugoslav Nada, ex-HMS Mallow)

Base type Flower Class
T-43 class
Charqieh, Bahaira, Miniya and Gharbia

PLA 6610 early Ocean Minesweeper (T43 class Pj 254)
Bangor class
Nasr (ex-HMS Bude) and Matrouh (ex-HMS Stornoway - not Stornaway as mentioned in some sources

HMS Bangor J00 1940 (Bangor class), HMS Bangor class 1940 (Bangor class), HMS Bangor J00 (Bangor class) (1/1250), Minenräumer W101 (Bangor class)
YMS (or BYMS?) class
Arish, Malek Fuad, Darfour, Naharia, Kaisaria, Rafah, Kordofan and Tor

YMS (1944) (YMS class), HMS BYMS (YMS class) (1/600)
MTB, Patrols
Type 108 MTB
6 Yugoslav copies of the US Higgins
P4 class
12, not yet operational
Fairmile D MTB
220, 227

HMS Fairmile D 1943 (Fairmile D) (1/600)
Fairmile B Patrols
Hamza, Sab el Bahr and Saker el Bahar
W class
as military aid: 2 subs under Polish flag, manned by Russians

Whiskey Class U-Boot (1952) (Whiskey class) (1/1250), Whiskey class Pj644 2-cyl (Whiskey class), Whiskey class Pj665 Long Bin (Whiskey class)
Transports, miscellaneous
Transport ship 91 El-Quseir (ex- El-Amira Fawzia)
LST Aka (ex-LST-178) used as a block-ship

Training ship El-Horia (ex-Mahroussa, a yacht)
Two ex-USN frigates (Papua and Tobago) used as passenger ships in the Red Sea now used as block-ships in the Suez Canal, as were a Flower-class corvette (Misr, ex-SS Malrouk), a Bangor-class minesweeper (Sollum, ex-HMS Wedgeport) and the LST Aka.

US 6.Fleet

Aircraft Carrier
USS Randolph CVA 15
(F2H, FJ-3, F9F Cougar, Skyraider, HUP-2)

USS Intrepid CV-11 (Essex class), USS Intrepid CV-11 w/ angle deck (Essex class), USS Wasp CVS-18 1965 Gemini (Essex class) (1/530)
USS Coral Sea CVA-43
(F2H, F9F, Skyraider, AJ-2, HUP-2)

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CV-42 1957 (Midway class), USS Midway CV-41 1991 Golfkrieg (Midway class)
USS Antietam CVS-36
(F9F, S2F, HSS-1, HUP-2)

USS Intrepid CV-11 (Essex class), USS Intrepid CV-11 w/ angle deck (Essex class)
USS Forrestal
joined later

USS Saratoga CV-60 (Forrestal class), USS Forrestal (1/1250)
USS Salem

USS Salem CA-139 1955 (USS Des Moines class)
USS Macon

USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (Baltimore class), USS Chicago CG-11 ex CA-136 (Baltimore class)
Allen M. Sumner class
DD-692 USS Allen M. Sumner, DD-697 USS Charles S. Sperry, DD-708 USS Harlan R. Dickson, DD 709 USS Hugh A. Pervis

USS Maddox DD-731 (Allen M.Sumner Class), USS Shannon (DD-737/DM-25/MMD-25) 1944 (Robert H. Smith class|Allen M.Sumner Class) (1/1250)
Tench class (Guppy II)
USS Cutlass

Similar type USS Balao SS-285 (Balao class), Similar type USS Gato (Gato class)
Balao class (Guppy IIA)
USS Hardhead

USS Corporal SS-346 GUPPY II 1956 (Balao class),
Transports, miscellaneous
USS Pocono (Amphibious Force Flagship)
attack transports USS Cambria, USS Chilton

USS Callaway APA-35 (Bayfield class|Type C3)
LSD USS Fort Snelling
attack cargo ship USS Thuban

USS Algol AKA-54 1943/70 (Andromeda class|Type C2)
APD-133 Burdo

USS Liddle (DE-206/APD-60) (Buckley class|Charles Lawrence class)
LST Alameda County

USS LST-351 (USS LST Mk2), USS LST Mk.2 (USS LST Mk2), USS LST Mk.2 (USS LST Mk2), USS LST Mk.2 (USS LST Mk2),


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