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Messerschmitt Me109E-1 Spanien

Messerschmitt Me109E-1 Spanien, Messerschmitt Me109E-1 Spanien, Messerschmitt Me109E-1 Spanien

Box art Me109E-1 Spanien, Me109E-1 Spanien, Me109E-1 Spanien

  Model  Me109E-1 Spanien 
  Base type  Me109  (Me109:) Bf109 of Legion Condor: http://www.messerschmitt-bf109.de/web.php?lang=de&auth=e&name=bf_kennungsliste&type=lc , gathered by "Falcon"
(Me109:) Bf109 in Spanish license: http://www.messerschmitt-bf109.de/web.php?lang=de&auth=e&name=bf_kennungsliste&type=sp , gathered by "Falcon"
  Kit manufacturer  RPM  
  Material  plastic  
  A/c manufacturer  Messerschmitt  
  Origin country  Germany  (Deutsch:) List of RLM designations
  Foreign user  Legion Condor  (Legion Condor:) Good website on aircraft in the Spanish Civil War: http://www.zi.ku.dk/personal/drnash/model/spain/did.html
(Spanien:) First steps and pre-war planes: http://www.ww2aircraft.net/forum/between-wars-1918-1939/birth-first-steps-pre-war-planes-spanish-military-aviation-29151.html
Republican Air Force: http://www.ww2aircraft.net/forum/between-wars-1918-1939/spanish-civil-war-republican-air-force-fare-25733.html
Nationalists: http://www.ww2aircraft.net/forum/between-wars-1918-1939/spanish-civil-war-nationalist-air-force-25138.html
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  fighter WW2  (Wk2:) second world war
  Scale  1/72  
  BaseVehicle  Aircraft  

Link to a page about the Me109 with history, pictures and further details

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Origin country Germany Spain Czech  
Foreign user Bulgaria Denmark Germany Finland France GB Israel Italy Japan Yugoslavia Croatia Legion Condor Romania Russian Army of Liberation Sweden Swiss Slovakia Spain SU Czech Turkey Hungary USA  
Topics recce aircraft Early-Jet-Era experimental plane Project fighter fighter-bomber Luft46 night fighter Police Racing and record aircraft seaplane carrier plane trainer civil use Interwar WW2 afterwar  

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