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Kiso 1/700


Box Art Kiso

  Modell  Kiso 
  Basistyp  Kuma Class  
  Kithersteller  Tamiya  
  Material  Plastik  
  Herstellerland  Japan  
  Betreiberland  Japan  
  Bauepoche  0 (ungebaut)   
  Themen  Kreuzer Interwar Wk2  (Schiff:) http://uboat.net/allies/
(Schiff:) http://www.navypedia.org
(Schiff:) Navies
  Scale  1/700  
  BaseVehicle  Schiff  
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Modell: Kitakami (Kaiten)Kitakami (Kaiten)  Kaiten-Version
Ordered in 1917 to the Sasebo Naval Arsenal and completed in April 1921 as the 4th vessel of the Harima-class cruisers, Kitakami was converted into a torpedo cruiser. She subsequently participated in the Battle of Midway as part of the Aleutian screening force. She was later used as a fast transport and made numerous sorties to Rabaul and other locations in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. After taking severe damage in a torpedo attack by the submarine HMS Templar on 27 January 1944, she was converted to a Kaiten human torpedo carrier. She survived the war, and was used as a tender for repatriation vessels after the war.
Modell: Kitakami (Kaiten, old resin)Kitakami (Kaiten, old resin)  Benutzt: , Kaiten-Version
Modell: Kitakami (Torpedo)Kitakami (Torpedo)  Torpedo cruiser
Modell: Oi Torpedokreuzer 1943Oi Torpedokreuzer 1943 

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