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Ministro Zenteno

Ministro Zenteno
Content Ministro Zenteno

  Base type  Almirante Barroso class  
  Kit manufacturer  HLSchiff  
  Material  Fertigmodell  
  Origin country  Brazil  Parent category: Lateinamerika
  Operator country  Chile For the class: Brazil Chile USA  (Chile:) ,
Parent category: Lateinamerika
  Built  7.12.2015   
  Topics  Cruiser  (Schiff:) US Navy Pic Archive
(Schiff:) Navies
  Aera of use  time(1898-1931)  
  Scale  1/1250  
  BaseVehicle  Ship  
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Model: USS New Orleans 1898 PG-34 / CL-22
USS New Orleans 1898 PG-34 / CL-22 
Referenced itself or via the class in Spanish-American-War April-August 1898 American-Philippine-War Feb 1899-Jul 1902 Brazilian Naval Division for War Operations (DNOG) 1918

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