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SMS Leipzig

Pic of a similar model by Navis (SMS Leipzig)

  Model  SMS Leipzig 
  Base type  Bremen class  
  Material  Fertigmodell  
  Origin country  Germany  (Deutsch:) List of RLM designations
  Operator country  Germany  
  Built  22.1.2016   
  Topics  Cruiser Pre1914 WWI  (Schiff:) Navies
  Scale  1/1250  
  BaseVehicle  Ship  
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Model: SMS München
SMS München 
Referenced in Siege of Tsingtau, 1914-9-2 to 1914-11-7, Battle of Jutland, 1916-05-31 - 1916-06-01, Operation Albion, Moon, Ösel, Dagö, 12.-20.10.1917

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