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M551 ex HNLMS Willem van Ewijk 1/700

M551 x HNMS Willem van Ewijk. Source: <a href="http://uboat.net/allies/warships/ship/2852.html" target="_blank">http://uboat.net/allies/warships/ship/2852.html</a>

Original pic M551 x HNMS Willem van Ewijk. Source: http://uboat.net/allies/warships/ship/2852.html (M551 ex HNLMS Willem van Ewijk)

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  Model  M551 ex HNLMS Willem van Ewijk 
  Base type  Jan van Amstel class  
  Kit manufacturer  Artitec  
  Material  Resin  
  Origin country  Netherlands  
  Foreign user  Netherlands Germany For the class: Netherlands Australia Germany  
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Minesweeper Interwar WW2 For the class: Interwar WW2 afterwar Minelayer time(1937-1961)  (Schiff:) http://www.navypedia.org
(Schiff:) Navies
(Wk2:) second world war
  Scale  1/700  
  BaseVehicle  Ship  
  Part of Minesweepers NL
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