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Tifi-A Anton ex Stella Bianca

Tifi-A Anton ex Stella Bianca
Schachtelinhalt Tifi-A Anton ex Stella Bianca

  Kithersteller  PTDockyard  (PTDockyard:)
  Material  Resin  
  Herstellerland  Italien  
  Betreiberland  Deutsch Jugoslawien  
  Bauepoche  0 (ungebaut)   
  Themen  kleine Kampfboote  (kleine Kampfboote:) S-Boote, U-Jäger, KFK, Flusskanonenboote
(Schiff:) Navies
Übergeordnete Kategorie: Schiff
  Betriebsaera  Wk2  
  Scale  1/600  
  TextDE  GE-61 Tifi-A Anton
Description by Dave (PTDockyard) on Facebook: In 1944 the Germans formed an anti partisan flotilla in the Adriatic called the Tintenfisch (Octopus)verband. About eight small coasters, schooners and fishing boats were converted into semi-Q-ships, sailing in ways that looked like merchants but really packing some heavy firepower.

Tifi A (Anton) - former Italian schooner Stella Bianca ( White Star) had an armament of one quad 20mm, one 20mm Breda on the bow and a 37mm along with a mortar or two. None of these prevented her from being captured while in a small cove by two Yugoslav partisan boats, whose crews disembarked and attacked from the shore.

The Partisans towed Anton away and upped her armament to 1-2pdr, 1-37mm and 7-20mm, making her the "battleship" of the Partisan Navy. She was designated NB-11 and renamed "Crvena Zvezda"...."Red Star". She was later lost in 1945 on a minefield. 
  BaseVehicle  Schiff  

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