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Simla 1/700

Schachtelinhalt Simla

  Kithersteller  PetrOs Modellbau Shapeways  (Shapeways:)
  Material  3D-Print  
  Herstellerland  GB  
  Betreiberland  GB  
  Bauepoche  0 (ungebaut)   
  Themen  Schiff  (Schiff:)
(Schiff:) ,
(Schiff:) Navies
  Betriebsaera  Jahr(1898-1964)  
  Scale  1/700  
  TextDE  by Petros on Shapeways:
served from 1898 until 1964, and participated in both World Wars. It saved several ships in peacetime, and was avarded a Sea Gallantry medal in 1898 for saving the crew members from the barque Blengfell, which Naphta cargo suddenly exploded. In the second world war, it participated in Dunkirk evacuation, participating in salvage of destroyers Montrose and Jaguar, and sloop Bideford, as well as a number of merchant ships. During the D-Day, it towed different equipment.

See more here:

We used many original photos and a copy of original plans from the "British steam tugs" book by P.N. Thomas to reconstruct the ship.

You will need following items to complete the ship:
2 Bar Railing (any brand, preferrably with small stanchion distance)
Inclined Ladder (any brand, fit to length)
Steering wheel (i.e. WEM PE 736)
Brass rod for masts and tow arches over the rear deck.

For bending the tow arches I provide a template tool here:

Number of masts changed during the time. Originally, the ship used 2 masts (one after the funnel, one before bridge), later, the rear mast was removed. At some point her funnel seems to be shortened a bit. Originally, there were 2 whaleboats carried, later only one remained on the port side. 
  BaseVehicle  Schiff  
Selbst oder über die Klasse aufgeführt in Operation Dynamo, Dünkirchen 26.5.-4.6.1940 Landung in der Normandie, 6.6.1944

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