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Box art RBT-5

  Base type  BT-Serie  
  Kit manufacturer  UM  
  Material  plastic  
  Origin country  SU  
  Operator country  SU  
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Tank  (Bodengerät:) Vehicles
Parent category: PzFzg, Fahrzeug, Bodengerät
  Aera of use  Interwar WW2  (Wk2:) second world war
  Scale  1/72  
  BaseVehicle  Ground Equipment  
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Model: BT-2
Model: BT-4 Doppelturm
BT-4 Doppelturm 
Model: BT-5
BT-5, T-26 Mod. 1933 
Model: BT-5 w/ cyl Turret
BT-5 w/ cyl Turret  Turrets for the new BT-5 tanks were simultaneously developed in two factories. The turret from the Mariupol factory was cylindrical, with a small ammo bin on the rear and one hatch on top. Only 230 turrets were built. For mass production of the BT-5 and also the T-26 model 1933, larger turrets made by the Izhorsky plant were adopted.
Model: BT-42
Model: KBT-7

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