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Anegawa 1905 1/700

Anegawa 1905
Box Art Anegawa 1905

  Kithersteller  Kombrig  (Kombrig:)
  Material  Resin  
  Herstellerland  SU  
  Betreiberland  SU Japan  
  Bauepoche  0 (ungebaut)   
  Themen  Schiff  (Schiff:) Navies
  Betriebsaera  Pre1914 WkI Interwar  
  Scale  1/700  
  TextDE  Source Combrig:
1903 Imperial Russian Navy as ANGARA
1904 Russian Red Cross as Hospital Ship MOSKVA
19/10/1904 sunk in west harbour Port Arthur by Japanese Army howitzers Raised
12/5/1905 by Japanese and commissioned as a transport/torpedo depot ship October 1906 by the Japanese navy and renamed ANEGAWA MARU
1911 returned to Russian Red Cross as MOSKVA
1915 owned at Vladivostok
1916 Imperial Russian Navy torpedo boat depot ship and renamed PECHENGA
1922 fell into Red Russian control at Vladivostok, laid up and sank at her moorings, later re-floated
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  BaseVehicle  Schiff  

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