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HMAS Vendetta D08 1/700

HMAS Vendetta D08

Box art HMAS Vendetta D08

  Model  HMAS Vendetta D08 
  Base type  Daring 1949 class  
  Kit manufacturer  OzMods  
  Material  Resin  
  Origin country  GB  
  Operator country  Australia For the class: GB Australia Peru  
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Destroyer afterwar  (Schiff:) http://www.naval-history.net/index.htm , http://www.naval-history.net/WW1NavyBritishShips-Dittmar3WarshipsA.htm
(Schiff:) Navies
  Scale  1/700  
  BaseVehicle  Ship  
  Uses   Australian Harbour Tug
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Model: HMS Diana 1958-1964
HMS Diana 1958-1964 
Referenced in Suez Crisis 29.10.-7.11.1956

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