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BMP-1 Package

BMP-1 Package
Box art BMP-1 Package

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  Base type  BMP-1  
  Kit manufacturer  S-Model  
  Material  plastic  
  Origin country  SU  
  Operator country  SU For the class: Egypt Algeria Angola Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Eritrea Armenia Azerbaijan Bulgaria Congo Georgia Greece Guinea India Iraq Iran Cambodia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Cuba Mongolia Mozambique Nicaragua Poland SU Slovakia Sri Lanka Sudan Syria Tajikistan Chad Turkmenistan Ukraine Hungary Uruguay Uzbekistan Vietnam Belarus Libya Czechia Sweden  (Sweden:) , and Wikipedia
Parent category: Kirgistan, Latin America
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Armoured Vehicle  (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment
  Aera of use  afterwar  
  Scale  1/72  
  BaseVehicle  Ground Equipment  
  Uses   BMP-1 Irak
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Model: BMP-1 Irak
BMP-1 Irak 

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BMP-1 Irak
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