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Amphibious Assault Ship

Mistral class
built for SU in France, 2015 EU embargo aganst Russia; sold to Egypt; delivery planned for 2016. Gamal Abdel Nasser ex Wladiwostok, Anwar al-Sadat ex Sewastopol

Kit candidate: Vladivostok (Mistral) 1/700 by DFNM on Shapeways
Type 071
planned order of Chinese Amphibious transport dock

PLA 071 LPD-989 (NATO:Yuzhao)


Anchusa class / WWI Flower class
Sollum (ex-Syringa) escort sloop 1917; 1920 to Egypt, sunk 1941 Tobruk
El Amir Farouq Sloop 1926-1948

Similar type Hai Chow ex HMS Pentstemon
Raqib (ex-P57) 1917;1920-1936

HMS P class 1916 (1/1250)
River class
Frigate 1948 to Egypt
Domiat ex HMS Nith 1942;1950-1956, Rashid ex HMS Spey 1941;1949-1975, Abikir ex HMS Usk 1943;1950-1956

HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
Black Swan (Wild Goose) class
El Malek Farouq (555) ex HMS Whimbrel 1942;1943-1949 November 1949 to Egypt as El Malek Farouq, renamed Tarik 1954

Similar type Scharnhorst F213 1960 (1/1250), Similar type Hipper F214 1959 (1/1250), HMS Starling
Hunt I class
HMS Mendip (L60) 1940-1946, 1948/49 rent to China as Lin Fu, 1949 to Egypt as Mohamed ali-El-Kebir, renamed Ibrahim-El-Awal 1951; in Suez crisis 1956 captured by Israel, renamed Haifa. Served till end 60s

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942)
Flower class
El Sudan 1940;1949-1970 ex br. "Mallow", 46 ex jug. "Partizanka", ex "Nada", 11.1.44 ex br. "Mallow"

Base type Flower Class
Bangor class
Nasr ex br. "Bude" 194.;1949-1972, Matrouh ex br. "Stornoway" 194.;1949-1968/69, Sollum ex br. "Wedgeport" 194.;1949-1953

HMS Bangor J00 (1/1250), HMS Bangor class 1940, HMS Bangor class 1940
Tacoma / Colony class
1943 USS PG-192... PF-84 USS Howett … HMS Papua (K588) … 1946 USS Howett 1950 civil Egypt SS Malrouk 1953 Misr; sank after a collision in the Gulf of Suez 17th May 1953(873)
17.5.53 ex s/s "?", 50 ex br. F "Tobago", ex "Hong Kong", ex "Holmes", ex am. PF 81 1943/44;-1953-1956, 17.5.53 ex s/s "?", 50 ex br. F "Papua", ex "Howett", ex am. PF 84  1943/44;-1953-1956

USS Tacoma 1943 (1/1250), Similar type HMS River class (1/1250)
1955 Al Fateh (F921) ex HMS Zenith, El Qaher ex HMS Myngs (R06)
30bis/Smelyi (Skoryi) class
3 ships 1954 and 1958, one sunk in 1967, rest retired in 1985-86: El Naser 1952;1956-1987, El Zafer 1951;1956-1985, Damiette 1950;1962-1988, Suez 1950;1962-1985, El Naser 1973:6 October  ;1967-1985, Damiette  ;1967-1985
Bystryi (1/1250)
50 (Riga) class
4 ships acquired 1962-1969, all decommissioned 2008-10

Riga class (1953) (1/1250), Riga class
Petya class Project 159
4 ships acquired between 1965 and 1971, 1 sunk in combat in 1973, 1 still in service

Petya class Frigate
Koni class P1159
2 frigates

Delfin Pr.1159 Koni I
Gearing class
2 geplant, gingen dann aber an Pakistan

Base type Gearing class
Descubierta class corvette
1984 Spanish project. El Suez (F946), Abou Qir (F941)

Descubierta 2005 (1/1250)
Type 053HE / Jianghu-III class
Najm al Zafer (F951), Al Nasser (F956); Chinese export

Similar type Bangpakong (053T/H2 Jianghu III) (1/1250), PLA 053H2 Jianghu III 536 芜湖 Wuhu
Knox class
Domyat (F961) (Damietta) 1972;1994-, Rashid (F966) 1973;1994-

USS Knox FF-1052 (1970) (1/1250), USS Robert E. Peary ( FF-1073 )
Oliver H. Perry class
Alexandria (F911); 1982 USS Copeland (FFG-25); 1996 Egypt as Mubarak (F911); 2011 renamed Alexandria
Sharm El-Sheik (F901) ex USS Fahrion (FFG-22); Taba (F916) ex USS Gallery (FFG-26); Toushka (F906) ex USS Lewis B. Puller (FFG-23)

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
FREMM Aquitaine class frigate
French built: Tahya Misr FFG-1001 ex-Normandie

Aquitaine D650
Molniya Pj12421 class
on base of Tarantul class; P-32 ordered 2015

Hiddensee (1/400)
Gowind-class corvette
coop with France; 4 to be built El Fateh 2016;1017-, Port Said 2018; , El Moez 2019;,


Not assigned


UJ6073 Nimet Allah (1/600)
Tarantul 1241.1


Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)

T43 class Pj 254

PLA 6610 early Ocean Minesweeper, T43 Minesweepers (1/1250)

Small combattants

037 class corvette

Hai Quing 037IS, Houxin class 037IG
Klasse 148

Tiger (II) S41 1972 (1/1250)
Komar Pj183 / ref:single:183R Komar / Project 183

Komar mit SS-N-2 Styx, Komar 1962 (1/1250)
Osa class

Osa I Prj205 Moskit, Osa II Prj205 Moskit (1/1250)
Project 183
Rocket Boat

183R Komar,
Kit candidate: Umbau aus Vosper aus MTB-Set oder (Index 6655 (Komar mit SS-N-2 Styx) similar) oder Pj 183 P-6 by EV Resin
Type 062 Shanghai class

Type 062 Shanghai I,II class,
PLA 062 Shanghai class


Klasse 209

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200
Romeo class

Romeo PLA 033 class
Whiskey class

Whiskey Class U-Boot (1952) (1/1250), Whiskey class Pj644 2-cyl, Whiskey class Pj665 Long Bin

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