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Type 053T (053H2)

Bangpakong (053T/H2 Jianghu III) (1/1250)
Type 056 Jiangdao

PLA 056 Jiangdao, PLA 056 Jiangdao (3D)
Type 41 Leopard class

HMS Leopard 1957 (1/1250),
HMS Lynx
Type 61 Salisbury class

HMS Salisbury F32
053H2 Jianghu class

PLA 053H2 Jianghu III 536 芜湖 Wuhu

Small combattants

037 class corvette

Hai Quing 037IS, Houxin class 037IG
Osa class

Osa I Prj205 Moskit, Osa II Prj205 Moskit (1/1250)
Type 062 Shanghai class

Type 062 Shanghai I,II class, Haizhui class sub-chaser,
PLA 062 Shanghai class

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