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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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(Schiff:) Geschichte chinesische Marine und folgende; C2.Chin-Jap Krieg:
1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft
China Vessel Recognition:


Han Dynasty, Three-Kingdoms
Bsp Schlacht von Chibi / Schlacht an der roten Felswand Winter 208

Three Kingdoms Rou Sen 1, Three Kingdoms Sen tou, Three Kingdoms Sou ka
Chinese exploration area
Example Zheng He 1400s with the so-called treasure ships, e.g.

Treasure Ship 1400s
Ming Dynasty
(Ming D 1368 bis 1644) Fuzhou type, Cangshan Type, Ba La Hu …

China Ming Dynasty Fuzhou ship, China Ming Dynasty Ba La Hu ship


HMAS Melbourne
ex Australian CV. Bought for scrap, but used for studying for Chinese future projects

HMS Glory R62 1945 (1/1250), Arromanches 1946/56
Minsk, Kiev
ex-Russian. Tourism theme park

Kiew, Ähnlicher Typ Liaoning
Kuznetsov class
Liaoning CV-16 (Type 001), 60000ts
1985 als Riga in Nikolajew am Schwarzen Meer auf Kiel gelegt. 1988 Stapellauf. Umbenannt zu Warjag.1992 von Ukraine Bau eingestellt. 1998 als Hotel verkauft an eine vermutlich Tarnfirma des chinesischen Militärs. 2012 als Liaoning in Dienst gestellt.

Type 002 Shandong class
Shandong CV-17 2017;2020-, ein weiterer im Bau.(173)Ähnliche Auslegung wie Liaoning aber nach chin. Plänen. Anfangs Typ 001A genannt Ca. 70000t als modifizierter Entwurf der Liaoning, mit J-15 .(174)(175), bei Indienststellung als Klasse 002 benannt.

Ähnlicher Typ Liaoning
Type 003
Fujian CV-18 2017 Kiellegung 17.06.2022 Stapellauf, 2021 wurde Baubeginn eines 2. als CV19 berichtet, könnte aber auch Type 004 sein.

Ähnlicher Stil USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
Type 075
8 planned LHD, ca 40000ts. Commissioned: Hainan 31 2021-

PLA 075 LHD Hainan (NATO:Yushen class)
Type 004
planned nuclear carrier on base of 003. 2 oder 3 im Bau
Zhu Hai Yun
Drohnenträger, selbst Drohne oder ferngesteuert. 2022 vom Stapel


Ting Yuen class
Dingyuan/Ting-yuan 1883-, Zhenyuan/Chen-yuan/Chen Yuen 1881 Stettiner Maschinenbau;1884- japan Chin'en

Chen Yuen, Chin-Yen
Ping Yuen class
Pingyuan Ex Longwei/Ping-yuan ex Lung Wei 1889- japan Heien; Often classified as Gunboat, was designed on base of the French Acheron class.

Heien ex Ping yuan Ex Longwei, Ping Yuan / Heien


Lay-Osborne Fleet
Kean Soo
Paddle steamer 1000ts, 1862 UK built for China as Keang Soo. Lay-Osborn flottilla. 1867 Kasuga Maru (Boshin war), 1870 IJN as Kasuga
Screw-sloop Rosario class 913 ts, 1860s. Rosario, Peterel, Rapid, Shearwater, Royalist, Columbine, Africa sold to China as China, later to Egypt
Pei King (Peking)
Gunboat 860ts, ex HMS Mohawk (or Vigilant?) of Vigilant class: Mohawk 1856, 1862 to China as Peking/Pei King, 1865 to Egypt
Kwang Tung (Kwangtung)
Tien Tsin (Tietsin)
370ts ex HMS Jasper of Algerine class gunboats
ex Ballarat
ex Yacht

Haian class
Wooden Steam Frigates Based on the French corvette Armorique (1863) 2800ts 1872 Hei-an ex Chen An, Yu Yuen

Yu Yuen
Wei Yuen class
Composite sloops by Foochow Arsenal.
Wei Yuen 1877; 1885 Training ship 1895 sunk, repaired -1906, Chao Wu 1879-1909, Kang Chi 1880;startet as sloop, finished as passenger ship, then training ship. captured by Japan 17/2/1895, returned 1895 for repatriation, then Torpedo training ship with 2 TT, discarded 1907, Teng Ch'ing 1881-1885 (sunk by spar TBs from Bayard) , Ching Ch'ing 1885;1902 transport vessel, Heng Hai 1885;1901 transport vessel

Kang Chi, Ähnlicher Typ Kuang Chia 1897
Chao Yung class
Chaoyong/Ch'ao-yung 1881-1894, Yangwei/Yang-wei 1881-1894; sisters of Auturo Prat/Tsukushi
Rendel-type (171)

Chao Yung & Yang Wei
Chi Yuen class
Jiyuan/Chi-yuan/Tsi Yuen / Chi Yuan Stettiner Maschinenbau 1881;1885-1895 japan Saien

Tsi Yuen / Jiyuan / Saien, Tsi Yuen / Jiyuan /Chi Yuan / Saien
K'ai Chi class
2200ts Based on the French frigate Duguay-Trouin (1873): Kaiji/K'ai Chi / Kai Che / Kai Chi 1884-1902, Jingching/Ching Ch'ing /King Ch'ing/Ching ching 1886- , Huantai/Hian T'ai /Huan Tai 1887-1902

Kai Chi
Nan Shui class
German Howaldt built improvement of Kai Chi class. Nanrui/Nan Shui /Nan Shuin/Nan-jui 1884-1920, Nanchen/Nan Ch'en /Nan Chin/Nan Thin 1884-1910

Nan Shui repeat ?: Fu Ch'ing 1893-1898
Org pic: (176)

Ähnlicher Typ Kai Chi
Pao Min class
Baomin/Pao Min 1480ts Schooner-rigged 1885- 1903 hulk

Bausatzkandidat: Pao Min by SWS
Improved Wei Yuen class
Kuang Chia 1887-

Kuang Chia 1897
Chih Yuen class
Elswick Cruiser. Zhiyuan/Chih-yuan 1887-1894, Jingyuan/Ching-yuan 1887-1895

Ching Yuen 1887
King Yuen class
Stettiner Maschinenbau based on French corvette Résolue (1872); Jingyuan/King-yuan/Ching-Yuen/King-Yuen 1887-1894 (other ship, but same name like Chih Yuen class), Laiyuan/Lai-yuan 1887-1895

Fu An class
Tung Chi  laid down as transport Chien Chung; finished as unprotected training cruiser Tung Chi 1896-1937 11/8/1937 scuttled on Yangtze as barrage,
Fu An  laid down as cruiser w/ 3 masts, sailing rig, finished as military transport 1897; 1928 training ship 1937 scuttled as barrage near Canton/Guangzhou

Bausatzkandidat: Tung Chi by SWS
Hai Yung class
Hai Yung (auch Hairung) 1897-1937 , Hai Chou 1897- 1937, Hai Chen  (auch Hai Shen) 1898-1904/1937;
built Vulcan Germany
Org pic: (176)

Hai Yung 1897
Hai Chi class
Hai Chi 1899-1937, Hai Tien 1899- ; Elswick cruiser based on Chilean Blanco Encalada class
Org pic: (176)

Ähnlicher Typ Esmeralda 1896 (1/1250), Hai Tien
Chao Ho class
Chao Ho training cruiser built by Elswick UK ;1912-1937 was sunk at Canton by Japanese aircrafts from carriers Hosho and Ryujo(177), Ying Swei (also written Ying Rui)(slightly smaller than Chao Ho);1911-1937; training cruiser built by Vickers UK, sunk by Japanese Kaga aircraft(178), Fei Hung  built in US ;1913-1914; order cancelled, applied by Greek Navy as Protected Cruiser Elli. 1914. 1925 conv as minelayer. 1940 sunk by Italian U-Boat Delfino

pic by

Elli 1940 (1/1250), Ying Swei 1912 (1/1250), Chao Ho, Ying Swei (Ying Rui)
Monfalcone CNT CA
Large cruiser 4900ts built by Monfalcone CNT, layed down 1915, not finished because of war(179)

CNT cruiser
Monfalcone CNT CL
3 Light Cruisers No. 65-67, layed down 1915, cancelled
I Hsien
1930-37 I Hsien (popular called Yat Sen). Sunk by Japan, then IJN Atada Training ship and floating AA battery, after war back to China as I Hsien

Atada 1940 ex I Hsien (1/1250), Atada ex I Hsien/Yat Sen/Yixian
Ning Hai class
Ning Hai 1932- jap. Isojima, Ping Hai 1937- jap. Yasojima

Ping Hai (1936) (1/1250), Ning Hai 1937,
Bausatzkandidat: Ping Hai by EV Models
Aurora class
Ex HMS Aurora
Chung King 1951:Huang Ho 1954:Pei Ching :Kuang Chu 1948-1954

HMS Arethusa 1945


Schiffe aus der Zeit zwischen Wk2 und Ende des Bürgerkriegs überschneiden sich teils bei den Einträgen für China und Taiwan
Kuang Ping class
Kuang Yi (auch Guangyi, Kuang Yi, Kuang I oder Kwang-yi) 1890-1894, Kuang Ping 1891 captured by Japan 17/2/1895 (Kohei Go) sunk in storm 1895, Fu Ch'ing ex Kuang Ting 1894-1914

Kuang Yi Torpedo Cruiser
Fei Ting
built at Elswick, UK, delivered 1895, captured by United Kingdom, France, Germany and Russia 17/6/1900

Fei Ting
Fei Ying
Vulcan, Germany built 1895-1932, sometimes rated as a cruiser
Org pic: (176)

Fei Ying
Chien Wei class
built on base of Fei Ying, finished 1903, other source say based on French d'Iberville-class torpedo boats . 1931 completely rebuilt as fast gunboats (destroyer). Sunk as block ships 1937.
Chien Wei...1931: Tze Kiang (also Tze Chion, Chien Wie), Chien An...1931:Ta Tung (also Ta Tong)
Org pic: (176)

Chien Wei
Hai Lung class
Schichau, 59m, 240t-280t
Hai Lung 1898-1900 => HMS Taku, Hai Hoha 1898-1900 => Lejtienant Burakow, Hai Ching 1898-1900 => SMS Taku, Hai Hse / Hai Niu  1898-1900 => fr. Takou

Lieutnant Burakov (1899) Taku
Ching Po class / ital. Soldati class
Soldati/Bersagliere Class: 4 bestellt, wegen Boxeraufstand nicht weiter finanziert.
Ching Po -1912;-1912-1912 bestellt, von Italien als Ascaro übernommen

Bersagliere 1912 (1/1250), Qing Po / Ascaro
Lung Tuan class
Lung Tuan -1914;-1914-1914, Lung Tuan Prototyp für 11 geplante Boote auf Basis der kuk Huszar class -1914;--- als Warasdiner von kuk übernommen

Lung Tuan / Warasdiner, Smyrni ex kuk Ulan
Yu Chang class
Schichau Werft wie deutsche S90 390t, 60m
Chang Feng => 1918:Yu Chang  1911-1932, Fu Po => 1918:Chien Kang  1911;1912-1937 versenkt durch Flugzeuge der Kaga, 1938 repariert als jap. Yamasemi, 1939 an Nanjing Regierung als Hai Su, Fei Hung => 1918:Tung An  1911;1912-1937

Chien Kang / IJN Yamasemi / Hai Sui, SMS Sleipner ex S97 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ SMS V150/155, Hai Sui ex Yamasemi
Minekaze class
Shen Yang 1922;1947-1949; dann Taiwan

Namikaze Kaiten (Nokaze Kit)
Kagero class
Tan Yang 1939;1947-1949, dann Taiwan

Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze
Akizuki class
Fen Yang 1944;1947-1949 dann Taiwan

7(Gnevnyi) class
Anshan ex SU Rekordny 1938;1955-1992, Chang Shun ex-Reshitelny 1939;1955-1991, Taijun ex Chi Lin ex-Retivy 1939;1955-1988, Fu Chun ex-Rezkiy 1940;1955-1992

Type 051 Luda I-IV class
Missile Destroyer based on Kotlin, but own development. Build 1971-1991. Decom from 2007 (1 1978), some 2020 in service. Great article: (182)
Mod 1 (Type 051 Luda class) - First batch of seven hulls built between 1968 and 1975, including DDG-105 Jinan, DDG-160 Guangzhou, DDG-106 Xi’an, DDG-161 Changsha, DDG-107 Yinchuan, DDG-162 Nanning, and DDG-131 Nanjing.
Mod 1A (Type 051 Luda-II class) - In 1987, DDG-105 Jinan received modification to be added with a helicopter hanger and flight deck. The ship was identified by NATO as Luda-II class.
Mod 2 (Type 051 (also 051D, 051Z) ‘Dingxing’ Luda class) - Second batch of eight hulls built between 1977 and 1990, with slightly different radar configuration to the previous batch. They include DDG-108 Xining, DDG-132 Hefei, DDG-109 Kaifeng, DDG-163 Nanchang, DDG-110 Dalian, DDG-133 Chongqing, DDG-134 Zunyi, and DDG-164 Guilin.
Mod 2A (Type 051 (also DDG-109,110 as 051DT, DDG-132 as 051Z) ‘Zhihui’ Luda class) - Among the second batch, DDG-110 Dalian and DDG-132 Hefei were specially configured to serve as fleet air defence command posts, equipped with the long-range air surveillance radar.
Mod 2B (Type 051 Luda class) - In 1991, DDG-109 Kaifeng was added with a French Crotale SAM launcher and Castor-II radar.
Mod 3 (Type 051G Luda-III class, later Luda-IV) - The third batch, designated Type 051G, began construction in the late 1980s. DDG-165 Zhanjiang featured improved radar and C3I system. DDG-166 Zhuhai had further improvements in weapon and was identified by NATO as the Luda-III class.
Mod 4 (Type 051 Luda class) - In 1999, DDG-109 Kaifeng received its second modernisation refit. In 2002, DDG-110 Dalian received similar refit, followed by DDG-165 Zhanjiang and DDG-166 Zhuhai in 2003. The latter two also featured improved radar.

PLA 051D Chongking,
Bausatzkandidat: Luda II 051 with Hangar announced by EV-Model
Luhu 052
Harbin 112, Qingdao 113, 1994-

PLA 052 Luhu class
Luhai class 051B
Shenzhen DD-167 1998, vergrößerte Version der vorangegangen 052 Luhu

PLA 051B Shenzhen
Sovremenny class
2005; Hangzhou (ex. Waschny) 136, Fuzhou (ex. Wdumtschiwy) 137, Taizhou 138, Ningbo 139

Luyang I 052B class
Air defense with SU weapons. Intermediate step to 052C. 2004- Guangzhou 168, Wuhan 169

Ähnlicher Typ Lanzhou PRC 170
Luzhou class 051C
Shenyang 115, Shijiazhuang 116. 2006. Similar 051B

Shenyang 2006 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ PLA 051B Shenzhen
Luyang II 052C Lanzhou class
Air Defense 6300t, mit phasengesteuertem Radar wie AEGIS, daher höhere Brücke als 052B
2002-2005 Lanzhou (兰州, 170) und Haikou (海口, 171)
2010-15 Changchun (长春, 150), Zhengzhou (郑州, 151), Jinan (济南, 152) und Xi'an (西安, 153)

Lanzhou PRC 170
Luyang III 052D Kunming class
7000t, verbesserte 052C mit neuem Radar, neuen Startern und 13cm Kanone, leicht anderer Hangar. 2014-… Kunming (昆明, 172), Changsha (长沙, 173), Hefei (合肥, 174), Yinchuan (银川, 175), Xining (西宁, 117), Xiamen (厦门, 154), Ürümqi (乌鲁木齐, 118), Guiyang (贵阳, 119), Nanjing (南京, 155), Taiyuan (太原, 156), Chengdu (成都, 120), Nanning (南宁, 157) und Qiqihar (齐齐哈尔, 121), Hohot 161,
Type 052DL nochmal verlängert, mit Harbin Z-20: Zibo 132 oder 156, Tangshan 122
weitere werden folgen

Ähnlicher Typ Lanzhou PRC 170
Type 055 Renhai
10000t class named destroyer (US-rated as cruiser). NATO:Renhai, Nanchang 101 2020-heute, Lhasa 102 2021-, Dalian 105 2021-, Yan'an 106 , Anshan 103 2021-, Zunyi 107, 104,108

PLA 055 Renhai, PLA 055 Renhai
Sehr uneinheitliche Quellenlage mit vielen verschiedenen Schreibweisen für die gleichen Boote
Type A (Lewin)
No 6  1879-? ; 15m
Type B
I  ;1882-c.1900, Erh  ;1881-c.1900.
Schreibweise auch Ting Yuan I, Ting Yuan Erh??
Dingyuan yihao class
16t-Torpedoboote an Bord der Schlachtschiffe der Ting Yuan Klasse.
Dingyuan yihao / Ting-yuan i-hao 1883-1895, Dingyuan erhao / Ting-yuan er-hao 1883-1895, Zhenyuan yihao / Chen-yuan i-hao 1883-1895, Zhenyuan erhao / Chen-yuan er-hao 1883-1895 ex jap. Akitsushima", "Naniwa", "Yoshino" i "Takachicho"

Chen Yuen
Ting class (Vulcan 2nd)
16 t, 1882-1895 Ting I, Ting II, Chen I, Chen II (Captured by the Japanese as Dai Nijyuhachi Gō)

Chen I
Lei class
Schichau 26m, 26t, Nr.290-298
Leizhen / Lei Chen 1885-1913, Leizhong / Lei Chung 1885-1913, Leigan / Lei Kan 1885-1913, Leikan / Lei K'an 1885-1913, Leikun / Lei K'un 1885-1913, Leili / Lei Li 1885-1913, Leiliang / Lei Liang 1885-1913, Leixun / Lei Hsun 1885-1913, Leilung / Lei Lung 1885-1913, Lei... / Lei .... -1885; -?, Lei... / Lei .... -1885; -?

Lei Chen & Lei Kun
Lei (Vulcan) class
Leidui / Lei Tui 1884-1913, Leihu / Lei Hu 1884-1913
Type E
TB4  ;1883- , TB5  ;1883- , TB6  ;1883- , TB7  ;1883-
Type F
TB8  ;1885-
Youdui yihao class
Youdui yi-hao / Yo I/Yu-tuiI 1884-1895, Youdui er-hao / Yo Erh/Yu-tui Erh 1884;1885-1895, Youdui san-hao / Yo San/Yu-tui San 1884;1885-1895
Gandui yi-hao class
Gandui yi-hao / Kan Tui I  ; -bf.1894?, Gandui er-hao / Kan-tui Erh  ; -bf.1894?
Zhongjia class
Zhongjia / Chung Tui Chia Hao   ;1884-1895, Zhongyi / Chung Tui I Hao   ;1884-1895
Type Fulong class
Fulong / Fu Lung 1886-1895 bei Schichau gebaut 43m, 128t. 1895 von Japan erbeutet, wurde Fukuryo

TSO I, Fu Lung
Zuodui i- hao / Tso Erh class
Zuodui yi-hao / Tso-tui i-hao/Tso-tui I  1887-?, Zuodui er-hao / Tso-tui erh-hao/Tso-tui Erh  1887-1895, Zuodui san-hao / Tso-tui san-hao/Tso-tui San 1887-1895
Vermutlich gleich (andere Schreibweise): Tso II, Tso III, You I, You II, You III und mglw gleich Lei Chung class (Lei class) von Schichau

You I
Shoulei class
Shoulei / Shou Lei  1888;1888?-1901, Xialei / Hsia Lei 1888;1888?-1901
Jieshun / Chieh Shun  ; -
Ganlei class
Ganlei / Kan Lei  ; -
Xunlei class
Xunlei / Hsun Lei  ; -
Type J
TB9 /   ;1894- , TB10 /   ;1894-
Zhangzi class
Zhangzi / Chang Tzu (1) 1895-1934, Liezi / Lieh Tzu 1895-1934; gebaut bei Schichau basierend auf kuk Rabe, als Nr,558,559 dann Nr.1 Chang, Nr.3 Lie; 39m, 83t

Chen / Su / Lieh / Chang, Ähnlicher Typ SMS Elster kuk
Chen Tze class
Chen Tze  ;1895- , Su Tze  ;1895- ; Bei Vulcan gebaut basierend auf kuk Sperber, 90t, Nr.2 Chen, Nr. 4 Su
Vermutlich beide August 1937 mit vielen weiteren als Blockschiffe bei Jiangyin(183)

Chen / Su / Lieh / Chang, Ähnlicher Typ SMS Sperber kuk
Chien I class
Chien I  ;1903-
Hu Peng class
Nr.7-10: 41m, 97t, gebaut bei Kawasaki. Ähnlich Siam No.1-4, ähnlich japanisch Typ 67
Hu Peng (7)  ;1906-1937, Hu Oah (8, auch Hu E) Hu Ngo   ;1906-1937 => IJN Kawasemi, Hu Ying (9)  ;1906/8-1937, Hu Chun (10)  ;1908-1937

No.1 Torpedoboat, Hu Peng Class
Kanonenboote, Geleiter
Group of Sloops / Armed Transports built by Foochow Arsenal 1870-76. Part of Fujian Fleet. Battle of Fuzhou in Sino-French War
Wan Nien Ch'ing
Sloop 1869-1887

Foochow Arsenal Wan Nien Ching
Chen Wei class
1871 570ts improved Foo Hsing class. Chen Wie, Ching Yuen, Chen Wie

Chen Wei of Foochow Arsenal
Yang Wu
wooden corvette 1,393 tons, 15 knots, 13 British muzzle-loaders , 1872,

Yang Wu of Foochow Arsenal
Fu Po class
1870s 1250ts Fu Po, An Lan, Fei Yun, Chi An. And according to oceana: Yuan Kai, Teng Ying Chen, Tai An
Transport sloop version with no/less armament: see yung pao class(184)

Foochow Arsenal Fu Po
Yung Pao class
Transport sloop version of Fupo class with no/less armament. Yungpao, Haiching / Hai Ching, Chenhang und Taya.(184)

Foochow Arsenal Yung Pao
Yi Hsien

Foochow Arsenal Yi Hsien
Kow Ching
bew.Truppentransporter, von Briten ausgeliehen, fuhr mit brit. Flagge 1894

1869-1894 China gunboat and governor yacht Tsao-kiang (Tsao Chang). War prize to Japan as Patrol boat Soko. 1924 sold to private as transport Soko Maru until 1964

Tsao-Kiang / Soko
Hui Chi
1868-1878, 600ts, China-built
Tse Hai
1869-1902 wooden gunboat 600ts on Yangtse
Wei Ching
1870-; 1000ts

Foo Hsing class
Foo Hsing, Mei Yuen. 1869- ;515ts. Part of Imperial Chinese Fu Chen Squadron like Chen Sheng, Fu Sheng
Mei Yuen shortly as IJN Miun, then given back

Foo Hsing
Hau Kwang class
Hau Kwang  ;1875-

Rendel type gunboats
Jiansheng class
2 boats Fusheng and Jiansheng (auch Chien Sheng/Chen Sheng), 256ts, 25cm gun, 1875-1884, + Battle of Fuzhou in 1884

Fu Sheng, Chen Sheng
Tiong Sing
200ts, 17cm gun,1875- 1902. Other names Tien-sing, Chin-ou. Info about participation and destruction by IJN are wrong

Bausatzkandidat: Tiong Sing by Snowman Models and SWS
Alpha class
2 boats 420ts, 28cm gun, 1875,1876-1895 Alpha, Beta then Lung Hsiang, Hu Wie, see pic
Gamma class
2 boats 420ts, 38cm gun, 1876-1905 Gamma, Delta then Fei Ting, Tse Tien

Ähnlicher Typ Epsilon / Iota class
Hoi Tung Hung
wooden 430ts, 38cm gun, + Weihaiwei by IJN
Epsilon / Iota class
Epsilon: 4 boats 440ts, 38cm gun, improved Gamma class, all captured at Weihaiwei by IJN.
Epsilon then Cheng Tung 1895: IJN Chinto, see pic
Zeta then Chen Hsi 1895: IJN Chinsei
Eta then Chen Nan 1895: IJN Chinnan
Theta then Chen Pei 1895: IJN Chinhoku

Iota class: 3 boats 440ts, 38cm gun, 1879;1895-1908, 2 captured at Weihaiwei by IJN
Iota then Chen Chung 1895: IJN Chin Chai / Chinchu
Kappa then Chen Pien 1895: IJN Chinpen
Lambda then Chen Hai, then Hai Ting Ching sunk 23.8.1884

see also article on Rendels in

Epsilon / Iota class, Epsilon / Cheng Tung 1895 / Chinto, Zeta / Chen Hsi / Chinsei 1896

Kuang Wu class
Kuang Wu 1888-1920s, Kuang Chi 1888-1920s, Kuang Keng 1890-1920s

Guang Geng (Kuang Keng)
Kuang Ching class
Kuang Ching 1891-1920s, Kuang Yu 1892-1920s
Kiang Yuan class
built in Japan based on IJN Uji (1903).
Kiang Yuan / Chiang Yuan / Zhangjiang 1904-1963 ,
Kiang Heng / Chiang Hung 1907-1929 ,
Kiang Li / Chiang Li 1907-1937 ,
Kiang Chen / Chiang Chen 1907-1938
Org pic: (176)

Chiang Yuan
Chu Yu class
An improvement of the Chiang Yuan-class: Chu Yu 1907-1937, Chu Tung 1907-1960s, Chu Chien 1907-1937, Chu Kuan 1907-1949, Chu Tai 1907-1938, Chu Yiu 1907-1937

Chu Tai
Kuan Chuan class
Kuan Chuan 1908-1929
Chen Shen class
Chen Shen 1899- during ww2 hulked
Yi Sheng / Kung Sheng class
Patrol & Survey ships. Development of Chen Sheng (which?) Yi Sheng 1911-1938, Yung Sheng 1928-1938, Kung Sheng 1931-1938, Jen Sheng 1931-1938. All 1938 as Minelayer
Yong Feng class
2 ships built in Japan for China 1913: Yongfeng (Yung Feng), 1925 renamed Zhongshan (Chung Shan) 1938 sunk 1997 restauration,2001 museum
Yongxiang (Yung Hsiang), captured 1937, as Haixiang to Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China in 1942 as a training ship 1945 back as Yongxiang till 1959
2 further built in China (higher poop): Yongjian (Yung Chien) , 1937 sunk, captured and raised by Japan as Asuka MTB mothership, then liaison ship, 1945 floating AA battery, sunk by air raid 7/5/1945. After war salvaged and commissioned by Chinese Navy
Yongji (Yung Chi) finished 1918, captured 1938 by Japan and to Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China as a training ship Haixing 1945 back as Yongji, 1949 Yan'an till 1970.

Asuka ex chin Yongjian, Chung Shan / Yung Feng
Yung Chi class
Yung Chi
1951:Yen An 1915
1970, Yung Chien 1915-1937

Ähnlicher Typ Asuka ex chin Yongjian, Ähnlicher Typ Chung Shan / Yung Feng
Chen Hai class
Chen Hai
ex Siang Lee? 1924-1936
Wei Hai class
Wei Hai
ex Kwang Lee? ; -1936
Ting Hai class
converted civil ships Ting Hai ex Hwei An ex Oleg ex Pronto ; -
Shun Sheng
patrol boat 1928-1938
Hsien Ning

Hsien Ning
Yung Sui

Yung Sui
Ming Chuen class
1931 slightly increased Hsien Ning 1928 class as Ming Chuen class. Ming Chuen 1949:Hsien Ning....:Chang Chiang 1930-197. 1984 Memorial,
Ming Sen 1931-1937 1938 she was scuttled at Hankow. She was salvaged by Japanese in 1939, renamed Hitonose and commissioned by IJN as repair ship; 21/12/1944 she was lost as result of collision with merchant vessel Kosho at Shanghai; she was salvaged again, but then was lost on a mine

Ming Chuen
Patria class
Fu Yu ex port. Cruiser Patria 1930-1937
Arabis / Flower class
Hai Chow (Hai Chao) ex Hai Li ex HMS Pentstemon 1920 rearmed as gunboat 1932-1937/38

Hai Chow ex HMS Pentstemon
Hoi Fu
ex merchant vessel
Hoi Fu 1904-1934
An Feng class
An Feng 1908-
Lien Ching class
Lien Ching Gunboat
1930:Survey ship Chi Jih 1911-1937 1937 sunk by Japanese ships

Lien Ching Yacht
Chiang Kung class
Chiang Kung 1908-1938, Chiang Tai 1908-1937, Chiang Ku 1908- , Chiang Ching 1908-

Chiang Kung
Wu Feng class
Wu Feng 1912-1937
Teh Sheng class
Teh Sheng 1922-1937, Wei Sheng 1922-1937

Wei Sheng
Yung Shen class
Yung Shen 1928-1937
Yat Sen class
1930 built as I Hsien (Yi Hsin), popular called Yat Sen. 1939-1946 jap. Training ship and floating AA battery Atada 1946 back to China as I Hsien -1949 escaped to Taiwan, strickn 1958

Atada 1940 ex I Hsien (1/1250), Atada ex I Hsien/Yat Sen/Yixian
Jen Shen class
Jen Shen 1931-1937
Chi Fu Hsing
1917 Steamer GB/SU, 1931 acquired as patrol 1937 captured by IJN as Hakusa

Hakusa Survey Ship 1938
Ning class
Patrol boats build 1932-36(185)(186)
Hai Ning -1938, Kiang Ning capt by IJN, Wu Ning -1938, Sui Ning -1938, Wei Ning (Wai Ning?) -1949, Su Ning -1938, Chung Ning -1938, Yi Ning -1949, Chang Ning -1938, Cheng Ning -1938
11th ship Tai Ning was first chinese all-welded steel hull ship. capt by IJN
(Wai Ning and Yung Ning ??) renamed IJN Bunsei and Unsei

Chang Ning
Ataka class
An Tung ex jap Ataka 1945-197.

Ostia class
Hsien Ning 1945-1949
Ital. Minelayer Lepanto (1927) raised and repaired 44 in Shanghai as Gunboat Okitsu till 45 then China

General Soublette 1943 (1/1250)
KAO MING submarine chasers
Kao Ming ex IJN Cha.220 1949 renamed Hsien Feng, Kuang Kuo ex Cha.223, one more later

Ähnlicher Typ Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1, Ähnlicher Typ Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1, Ähnlicher Typ Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1
Evarts class
Tai Kang  ;1945-1947, Tai Ping  ;1945-1947

USS Bebas DE-10 (1943)
Flower class
Fu Po 1940;1946-1947, Kai Feng 1940;1949-1974/75, Lin I 1940;1949-1979, unknown 1940;1949-1953/57?

Basistyp Flower Class
Hashidate class
Nan Chang ex Taiwan Chang Chi (1955 captured) ex japanese Uji (1945 war prize). Deleted 1986!

Uji (1945)
Etorofu (A) class
escort ship
Ku An 1949:Chang Pai  1942;1947-1986, Lin An 1943;1947-1949

Escort Destroyer Etorofu
Mikura (B) class
escort ship
Wei Tai 1944;1947-1949

Escort Destroyer Type B Mikura
Ukuru (B) class
escort destroyer
Hui An 1944;1947-1986

Escort Destroyer Type B Ukuru, PL-106 Kojima ex Shiga
Matsu class
escort destroyer
Hui Yang 1944;1947-1949, Hen Yang 1944;1947-1949

Matsu, Matsu, Sakura, Sakura
C class
escort ship
Ying Ku 1944;1947-1949, Mukden 194.:Huang An 1949:Shen Yang  1944;1947-1980, Shin An 1945;1947-1980, Chao An 1946;1947-1949, Hsin An 1944;1947-1949, Liao Hai 1945;1947-1949

Escort Destroyer Type C Hei
D class
escort ship
Chi Nan 1949:Wu Ching  1944;1947-1986, Cheng An 1944;1947-1949, Tai An 1944;1947-1949, Chieh 12 1949:Chang Sha  1944;1947-1986, Tung An 1945;1947-1949, Chieh 6 1948:Wei Hai 1949:Jinan 1945;1947-1986, Chieh 14 1949:Chi An  1945;1947-1986

Jinan ex Weihai ex CD-194
Tachibana class
escort destroyer
Hua Yang 1944;1947-1949, Hsin Yang 1945;1947-1949

Sumire, Tachibana (1944)
Castle class
unknown Kuang Chou?  1944;1947-1986 or196. , unknown Kuang Chou?  1943;1947-1986 or196. , Te An 194.;1951-1970, Kao An 194.;1951-1963
Navypedia: Kuang Chou (ex-Yuan Pei, ex-Ta Shun, ex-Bowmanville, ex-Nunnery Castle), (ex-Shih Lin, ex-Hsi Ling, ex-Ta Tung, ex-Copper Cliff, ex-Hever Castle)

HMCS Tillsonburg K496 (1/1250)
Hunt I class
Lin Fu 1940;1948-1949

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942)
Cannon (DET) class
Tai Ho 1943;1948-1949, Tai Tsang 1943;1948-1949, Tai Hu 1943;1948-1949, Tai Chao 1944;1948-1949

USS Cannon DE-99 Class
Bathurst class
Loyang ex HMAS Bendigo 1941;1947-1986

HMAS Lithgov
CHIEN FANG subchasers
ex US 173' PC & PGM

USS PC 173' (PC461) (1/600), USS PC 173' (PC461)
CHU CHIEN subchasers
ex US 110' SC

USS SC497 110' Subchaser Wk2 (1/600)
Yang Lung subchaser
Yang Lung ex IJN Ch.49 (Ch28 class)

Ch.28 IJN Subchaser
Fu Ling subchaser
Fu Ling ex IJN Ch.9 (Ch4 class)

Ch.4 IJN Subchaser
Sung Hwei
patrol trawlers ex HMS Isles class. ex-Ching Hai, ex-Balta; ex-Sung Hwei, ex-Hoxa. Ca 1949-1967

HMT Isles class Lindisfarne T361 1943, HMT Isles class 1942
Sung Ming
patrol trawler Sung Ming (ex-Comox) Basset class

Ruijin class
ex US Freighter class of 1940, bought by China early 50s, converted as coastal gunboats. Discarded 60s. Rujin (sunk 18/5/1954 by Nationalist P-47 ), Xingguo, Zunyi, Handan, Huaiyang, Yancheng
50 (Riga) class / 6601 Chengdu class
[+]507 Guiyang 1958-1990/93, 506 Chengdu 1958-1990/93, 505 Kunming 1959-1990/93, Gulin 1959-1990/93 (508 Hengyang)

Bausatzkandidat: Chengdu by Doggy Industries, and by EV Model, Riga class, Riga class (1953) (1/1250)
065 (Jiangnan) class
frigate reverse-eng. & developped on Type 01 ex Riga, different look
Xiaguan 1967-1994/97?, 502 Nanching/Nanchong 1967-1994/97?, Kaiyuan 1968-1994/97?, 504 Dongchuan 1968-1994/97?, 529 Haikou 1968-1994/97?
other src:501 Shimonoseki

PLA 065 Nanchong (Jiangnan class)
053K (Jiangdong) class
AA frigate on base of Type 065
531 Yintang 1977-1994/97?, Zhongdong -1974;--1982, 531 unknown ?;?-?

PLA 053K Jiangdong
053H (Jianghu I) class
frigate mass production optimized, but at that time already hopelessly outdated
509 Changde, 510 Shaoxing, 511 Nantong, 512 Wuxiina, 513 Huaiyin, 514 Zhenjiang, 515 Xiamen -2010, 516 Jiujiang, 517 Nanping -2010, 518 Ji'an, 519 Changzhi, 520 Kaifeng -1985, 551 Maoming, 552 Yibin

Ähnlicher Typ Bangpakong (053T/H2 Jianghu III) (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ PLA 053K Jiangdong
053H1 (Jianghu II) class
frigate with newer electronics
Ningbo ....:533 Taizhou   ; - , 534 Jinhua  ; - , 543 Dandong  ; - , 545 Linfen   ; - , 553 Shaoguan  ; - , 554 Anshun  ; -2012 , 555 Zhaodong  ; -2021 , 556 Xiangtan  ; -1989, 557 Jishou  ; -

Ähnlicher Typ Bangpakong (053T/H2 Jianghu III) (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ PLA 053K Jiangdong
053 H2 (Jianghu III) class
frigate enlarged, 1st modern frigate
535 Huangshi 1986-2012? , 536 Wuhu 1987-2012? , Zhoushan ....:537 Cangzhou  1992- (weitere Nummern 530, 538)
053HE 525 Jia, 526

Bangpakong (053T/H2 Jianghu III) (1/1250), PLA 053H2 Jianghu III 536 芜湖 Wuhu
053 H1Q (Jianghu IV) class
frigate, aft weapon replaced by heli deck
544 Siping ....:Lushun  1986-2010

PLA 053H1Q Jianghu IV 544 Siping/Lushun
053 H2G (Jiangwei I) class
frigate AA, based on 053H2 slightly larger with HQ-61B SAMs. Development was called type 055, but then 053H2G
539 Anqing 1991- , 540 Huainan 1992- , 541 Huaibei  ; - , 542 Tongling  ; -

PLA 053H2G Jiangwei I (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ PLA 053H3 Jiangwei II
053 H1G (Jianghu V) class
frigate, economy version of H1
558 Zigong, 559 Beihai, 560 Dongguan, 561 Shantou, 562 Jiangmen, 563 Foshan

Ähnlicher Typ Bangpakong (053T/H2 Jianghu III) (1/1250), PLA 053H1G Jianghu V Dongguan
053H3 (Jiangwei II) class
frigate. Improved H2G with better SAM HQ-7 based on French Sea Crotale. Type sometimes called 057
521 Jiaxing, 522 Lianyungang, 523 Putian, 524 Sanming, 527 Luoyang, 528 Mianyang, 564 Yichang, 565 Huludao, 566 Huaihua, 567 Xiangfan
In Pakistan called Zulfiquar-class: based on 053H3 with elements of 054

PLA 053H3 Jiangwei II, Ähnlicher Typ PLA 053H2G Jiangwei I (1/1250)
054 (Jiangkai I) class
525 Ma'anshan 2005- , 526 Wenzhou 2006;2006 -

Ähnlicher Typ PLA 054A++ Jiangkai II 576 Daqing
054A (Jiangkai II) class
frigate, same hull as 054 with improved sensors and weapons
Xuzhou 530 2008 ;2008 - , Zhoushan 529 2008 ;2008 - , Huangshan 570 2008- , Hengyang 568 ex Chaohu 2008- , Yuncheng  2010- , Yulin 2010- , Yiyang 2010- , Changzhou 2011- , Yantai  2011- , Yancheng 2012- , Hengshui 2012- , Liuzhou -2012;-2012- , Linyi 2012- , Shaoyang -2012; - , Weifang -2012; -
other Src: 500 Xianning, 515 Binzhou, 529 Zhoushan, 530 Xuzhou, 531 Xiangtan, 532 Jing-Zhou, 536 Xuchang, 538 Yantai, 539 Wuhu, 546 Yancheng, 547 Linyi, 548 Yiyang, 549 Changzhou, 550 Weifang, 568 Hengyang, 569 Yulin, 570 Huangshan, 571 Yuncheng, 572 Hengshui, 573 Liuzhou, 574 Sanya, 575 Yueyang, 576 Yellowstone, 578 Yangzhou, 579 Handan, 598 Rizhao, 599 Anyang, 601 Nantung, 542 Zhaozhuang
Export version C28A to Algeria and planned for Malaysia

PLA 054A++ Jiangkai II 576 Daqing
054B (Jiangkai III) class
ASW frigate, new design, larger than 054A
577 Huanggang ?? Other src says 551
development renamed 053H2G. Number reused (see destroyers)
056, 056A (Jiangdao) class
corvette, replaces 053H, based on Thai Pattani class. 056A Subchaser variant Export version P18. China, Bangladesh C13B, Nigeria (much modified)
Jiangdao: 595 Chaozhou, 598 , 599
Jiangdao-I: 501 Xinyang, 503 Suzhou, 511 Baoding, 512 Heze, 516 , 517 , 519 , 580 Datong, 581 Yingkou, 582 Bengbu, 583 Shangrao, 584 Meizhou, 585 Baise, 586 Ji'an, 587 Jieyang, 588 Quanzhou, 589 Qingyuan, 590 WeiHai, 591 Fushun, 592 Luzhou, 596 Huizhou, 597 Qinzhou
Jiangdao-II: 502 Huangshi, 504 Suqian, 505 Qinhuangdao, 506 Jingmen, 507 Tongren, 508 Qujing, 509 Huai'an, 510 Ningde, 513 Ezhou, 514 Liupanshui, 518 Yiwu, 520 Hanzhong, 535 Xuancheng, 540 Wuhai, 541 Zhangye, 551 Suining, 552 Guangyuan, 556 Yichun, 593 Sanmenxia, 594 Zhuzhou

PLA 056 Jiangdao (3D), PLA 056 Jiangdao
Some sources claim that the name 057 is also used for 053H3
Chian Kung class
Chian Kung 1909-1938 , Chian Chi 1909-1938? 20s renamed Lung Shan? , Chian Ku 1909-1938? , Chiang Ta 1909-1937
Names in Canton: Kiang Kung, Kiang Tai, Kiang Chin, Kiang Ku
Chiang Hsi class
built in Germany on base of Otter design: Chiang Hsi ex Hsin Pei Chin Pei 1912-1941, Chiang Kun ex Hsi Chen 1912-1941

Kiang-Hsi ex Fushimi, Ähnlicher Typ SMS Otter / Li-Tsieh (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ SMS Otter 1910
Otter class
Li Chieh/Li-Tsieh ex German SMS Otter 1909;1917-1929

SMS Otter / Li-Tsieh (1/1250), SMS Otter 1910
deutsches Kanonenboot SMS Vorwärts 1010 an chinesische Firma verkauft, als ziviler Flussdampfer eingesetzt

SMS Vorwärts (1/1250)
Tsingtau class
Vaterland 1904-1914, zum Schein in Landesvater umbenannt, 1917 von China als Li-Sui beschlagnahmt, Einsätze mit Li-Tsieh ex Otter. 1932 erobert durch IJN als Risui abgegeben an Mandschukuo. 1941 Li Sui converted to TS, 22/8/1945 captured by Soviet troops in Harbin and commissioned by Soviet Navy as TS Pekin.

Li Sui 1939 (ex SMS Vaterland), SMS Vaterland / Li-Sui / Pekin (1/1250)
Chien Chung class
Chien Chung 1915- , Yung An 1915- , Kung Chen 1915-1938

Yung An ROCN
Hai Yen class
patrol craft Hai Yen 1917-1937
Hai Fu class
Hai Fu 1917- , Hai Ou 1917-
Hai Hung class
Hai Hung 1917- , Hai Ku 1917-
Hai Ho class
Hai Ho (auch Hai Hou) 1917-1937(?) , Hai Peng 1920- 1937(?)
Chian Pin class
Chian Pin 1897;1926-1929
Chian Tun class
Chian Tun 1903;1926-1929
Chian An class
Chian An 1897;1926-1929, Chian Nan 1897;1926-1929, Chian Pai 1897;1926-1929, Chian Tai 1897;1926-1929
Li Chuan class
Li Chuan 1897;1926-1929
Chung Yun class
Chung Yun 1928-37 , Chung Hoi 1928- 37
Kien Yu class
Kien Yu
Chien Yu 1928- , Chiang Chien 1929-
Kin Yu class
Kin Yu 1929- , Chip Shun 1929-
Chai We class / Fly class
Built on design of HMS Fly class river gunboats: Chai We 1931-37 , Chang Chian 1932-37
Vigilante class
ex frz. Argus 1923-41; chin. San Min 1923;1941-
Peterel class
ex HMS Gannet; chin.Ying Shan 1927;1942- 1966
Falcon class
ex HMS Falcon; Lung Huan 1931;1942- 1970
Sandpiper class
ex HMS Sandpiper Ying Hao 1933;1942-1949 / 1966
Doudart de Lagrée class
France 1908 Balny modified sister 1918. 1944 bought by China as Fa Ku, 1944-1962. Possibly damaged Doudart de Lagrée regenerated 1949 by China.(187)

Fa Ku ex Balny, Ähnlicher Typ Doudart de Lagrée
Wake class
River gunboat USS Guam (PG-43), PR-3 in 1928, renamed USS Wake 1941 captured as IJN Tatara. 1945-66 China Tai Yuan
unknown name ex USS Tutuila PG-44/PR-4
Toba class
ex jap. Toba; Yung Chi ....:Ho Hseun 1911;1945- 60s

Ähnlicher Typ Hozu 1939, Ähnlicher Typ Katata 1941
Seta class
ex jap. Seta: Chang Teh 1922;1945- 60s

Hozu 1939, Katata 1941
Macau class
Portug. River gunboat Macao 1910; 1943 passed to IJN as Maiko. 1945-68 China Wu Feng .
Tolles scratch-Modell von Hendrik Schütte:

Macao / Maiko / Wu Feng
Ermanno Carlotto
Ital river gunboat Ermanno Carlotto 1921; scuttled 1943, salvaged IJN as Narumi. 1945-60s China Kiang Kun
Atami class
River gunboats Atami 1929-45 operated on the Yangtze River in China during the 1930s, and during the Second Sino-Japanese War. After World War II, she entered service with the Republic of China Navy as Yong Ping (永平), but was captured by the Chinese communists at the end of Chinese Civil War, and entered People's Liberation Army Navy as Wu Jiang (乌江). She was finally scrapped in the 1960s. ,
Futami 1930-45 then China Yung An

Atami (late)
Fushimi 1939 class
River gunboats Fushimi 1939-45 then China Kiang Hsi / according to other sources Chiang Feng, Sumida 1940-45 then China as Nan Chang

Fushimi 1939


Zeichnungen siehe nukleare und konservative von Shipbucket.
SU S-class

S-13 (1945)
SU M-class

M-Class U-Boot M-201
Type 03 Whiskey class / 6603

Whiskey Class U-Boot (1952) (1/1250), Whiskey class Pj644 2-cyl, Whiskey class Pj665 Long Bin
Type 031 / 033 (SU Romeo) / 6631 / Golf class

Romeo PLA 033 class
Type 091 SSN (NATO: Han class) / 09-I
1984-1991; 5,500 t

Han class Type 09-I
Type 092 SSBN (NATO: Xia class) / 09-II
1987; 8,000 t, design based on SU 667A

Ähnlicher Typ Delta III SSBN
Type 035 (NATO: Ming class) / 034 / 6634
based on 033 Whiskey/Romeo; 1990-2003; 2,110 t

Ähnlicher Typ Romeo PLA 033 class
Kilo-class (Project 877EKM / 636 / 636M) (NATO: Kilo class) / 036?
1994-2005; 4,000 t

Kilo Class
Type 039/039G/039G1 (NATO: Song class)
1998-2006; 2,250 t

Song class 039A
Type 039A/093B (NATO: Yuan class)
2006-; 3,600 t

Song class 039A
Type 093 / 093A/B SSN (NATO: Shang class) / 09-III
2006-; 7,000 t. Externally like 09-I

Ähnlicher Typ Han class Type 09-I
Type 094 / 094A SSBN (NATO: Jin class)
2007-; 11,500 t. Similar to 092, even a bit longer

Ähnlicher Typ Delta III SSBN
Type 095 SSN (NATO: Sui class)
Type 032 Experimental (NATO: Qing class)
2012; 6,600 t
Type 096 SSBN (NATO: Tang class)
2020 est.; 15,600 t
Lada class 677
geplant (Amur-Variante)

Lada class Pj 677


LPD Yuzhao class 071

PLA 071 LPD-989 (NATO:Yuzhao)
LSD, LST 072 Yukan, Yuting

LSH 073 Yudeng, Yunshu/Yushu

Ähnlicher Typ PLA 072A LST,
Bausatzkandidat: PLAN Type 073A Yushu Class by Doggy Industries
LSM 073, 079, 271III

Bausatzkandidat: 079II by EV Resin
LSM 074 Yuhai

Bausatzkandidat: Yuhai 074 by Doggy
LSM 074A Yubei class

Bausatzkandidat: Type 074A LST by YG, Ähnlicher Stil Eidechse LSM (1/1250), Ähnlicher Stil LSM
LCU, LCT 067, 068, 069, 074, 271
first production of SU T-4, then scaled down development as Type 363 Yuch'in. Followed by 055,066, 068…

Bausatzkandidat: Chinese PLA Type271 II Landing Ship by FSTAR,
Bausatzkandidat: PE kit Type 069 Yu ch'in by EVModel,
Bausatzkandidat: 067 Yunnan by Evmodel,
Bausatzkandidat: 363 Yuchin by Oceanmoon At globaltoy
LCAC 726 Yuyi

PLA 726 LCAC Yuyi class
Training Ship Zheng He
Type 679 Daxing

Zheng He
Yong-gan Bo-làng / Pohang/Polang
Sail training ship. Could mean: "Brave the Waves", or "taking the wind and braving the waves" or "Broken Wave" or "Breaking Wave" or "Courageous Wave." Ship emblem 2019 showed Pohang, meaning Wave(188)

PLA Brave the Wave

PLA 891A Shichang
Type 636A
Hydrographic Survey Ship

Bausatzkandidat: Type 636A by Doggy Industries
Type 680
Training Ships AX83 Dadu (also Qi Jiguang)

Bausatzkandidat: YM3002 AX83 by YG MODEL
Type 814 Reconnaisance ship

Bausatzkandidat: Type 814A Reconnaissance ship Dadie class Bei-Diao 900 by EV Resin
Type 815G Reconnaisance ship DongDiao Class

Bausatzkandidat: Type 815G Reconnaissance ship DongDiao Class Tianlangxing by EV Resin
Type 903 Replenishment

Bausatzkandidat: Type 903 AOR-887 Weishanhu by YG Resin
Type 905 Fleet Oiler

Bausatzkandidat: AOR 882 Poyanghu Type 905 Fuqing class by Doggy Industries
Type 909, 909A
Weapon trials ships Type 909 Bi Shend (NATO Wuhu-B class) and 909A Dahua class

PLA 909 Bi Sheng Special Research Ship
Type 917 Rescue Ship

PLA 917 Rescue Ship
Type 918 Wolei Minelayer
later Marine Surveillance 112, then Coast Guard 1212

PLA 918 Minenleger (NATO Wolei)
Type 919, 920 Hospital ship

Bausatzkandidat: Type 920 Anwei class Hospital Ship Daishan Dao/Peace Ark by EV Resin,
Bausatzkandidat: Type 919 Anshen class Hospital Ship Nan-Yi 13 by EV Resin
Type 932 Tanker Fulin class

Bausatzkandidat: Type 932 Tanker Fulin class by EV Resin
Type 071 Yanha class icebreaker
Haibing 722, 721, Donghai 519 2013:Coast Guard. 1971-heute
Type 210 Yanbing class Icebreaker
Haibing 723 1982-heute 2012:Coast Guard

Bausatzkandidat: Haibing-723 by Doggy Industries,
Bausatzkandidat: China Coast Guard patrol ship Haijing-1411(ex Haibing-723 icebreaker) by Doggy Industries
Type 272 Yanrao class icebreaker
Haibing 722, 723 2016-heute

Bausatzkandidat: Haibing 722 by Oceanmoon
Picture collection: Courtesy of the P. A. Crush Chinese Railway Collection. See also project page on researchgate: .
Source of the picture: "Chinese Naval Reorganization" in The Far Eastern Review, September 1909 Courtesy of the P. A. Crush Chinese Railway Collection. See also project page on researchgate: .
Source of the picture: "Chinese Naval Reorganization" in The Far Eastern Review, September 1909








China Coast Guard中國海警船
Type 728 cutter
Jianghu class 053H 1002,1003: 44102, ex-509 Changde; 46103, ex-510 Shaoxing

China Coast Guard 1002
Zhaoyu / Jiangdao-class
Patrol cutter 1500 tons 22 ships originally as Type 056 corvette / Based on the PLAN's Type 056 Jiangdao class corvette. E.g. Hai Jing 1301. Einige mit veränderten Aufbauten und reduzierter Bewaffnung gebaut, einige der 056-Serie Lenkwaffenstarter entfernt

PLA 056 Jiangdao (3D), PLA 056 Jiangdao
Patrol cutter 1 ship, 3k ts
Patrol boat 36+ ships
Patrol boat 7 ships
Patrol boat
Patrol boat
Yanbing-class Type 210 icebreaker
Patrol cutter 1 ship, ca 4k ts

Bausatzkandidat: Haibing-723 by Doggy Industries,
Bausatzkandidat: China Coast Guard patrol ship Haijing-1411(ex Haibing-723 icebreaker) by Doggy Industries
Wolei-class Type 918
Patrol cutter 1 ship 1212

PLA 918 Minenleger (NATO Wolei)
Type 618B-II-class
Patrol boat
Shuzao II-class
Patrol boat
Patrol cutter
Patrol boat 100+ ships
Hutao III-class
Patrol boat
Hulai II-class
Patrol boat
Patrol boat 15 ships
Hongming III-class
Patrol boat 13+ ships
Hongming II-class
Patrol boat 29+ ships
Patrol boat 4 ships
Hailin II-class
Patrol boat 13 ships Single boat and crane
Hailin I-class
Patrol boat 30 ships dual boat ramps
Patrol cutter 4 ships
Dalang I-class
Patrol cutter 1 ship
Patrol cutter 12000 ts 2 ships World's largest coast guard class, larger than Ticonderoga class
Shuoshi II-class
Patrol cutter 5500 ts 4 ships
Patrol cutter 5000 ts 1 ship Former Hydrographic survey ship Li Siguang (871)
Patrol cutter 4896 ts 4 ships
Zhaoduan-class Type 818
Patrol cutter 4000+ ts 6 ships
Shucha I-class
Patrol cutter 3980 ts 2 ships
Shucha II-class
Patrol cutter 3980 ts 10 ships

HAIJING 3306 China Coast Guard
Patrol cutter 3876 ts 1 ship
Patrol cutter 3600 ts 3 ships
Patrol cutter 3450 ts 12 ships
Patrol cutter 3325 ts 1 ship
Zhaojun-class Type 718B
Patrol cutter 2700 ts 8 ships
Jiangwei I-class Type 053H2G
Frigate 2250 ts 3 ships Former PLAN ships. Ex Anqing, Huainan, Huaibei

PLA 053H2G Jiangwei I (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ PLA 053H3 Jiangwei II
Patrol cutter 1819 ts 3 ships
Patrol cutter 1764 ts 12 ships
Patrol cutter 1750 ts 5 ships
Haixun II-class
Patrol cutter 1500 ts 1 ship
Patrol cutter 1500 ts 3 ships
Shuke III-class
Patrol cutter 1327 ts 15 ships
Shuke II-class
Patrol cutter 1317 ts 4 ships
Shuke I-class
Patrol cutter 1317 ts 1 ship
Patrol cutter 1111 ts 3 ships
Patrol cutter 1111 ts 4 ships
Patrol cutter 997 ts 3 ships
Hutao I-class
Patrol boat 600 ts 6 ships
Patrol boat 500 ts 5 ships
Patrol boat 230 ts 10 ships
Patrol cutter 1 ship

Nicht zugeordnet


Unadilla class

USS Unadilla class 1862 Mississippi


Tatra class

SMS Tatra kuk, SMS Tatra kuk (1/1250)


Sokuten class 1913

Minenleger Sokuten class 1913

Minensucher (ggf. Geleiter/Kanonenboot)

Aux Mine Sweeper No. 1

Aux Mine Sweeper No. 1
Bangor class

HMS Bangor J00 1940, HMS Bangor class 1940, HMS Bangor J00 (1/1250), Minenräumer W101
T43 class Pj 254

PLA 6610 early Ocean Minesweeper, T43 Minesweepers (1/1250)

PLA 082-II Wozang class

PLA 529
Type 062 Shanghai class

Fushun class,
PLA 062 Shanghai class

kleine Kampfboote

55ft CMB

IJN MTB 55ft CMB, IJN MTB Chinese 55ft CMB
Lürssen C1 (S2 / S30) class

S-Boot Yue 22 (dt. C1) 1938

S-Boot Kuai 3 1938
037 class corvette

Hai Quing 037IS, Houxin class 037IG
Komar Pj183 / Project 183
Sister development in China
Rocket Boat
On base of P-4. Main weapon gun instead of Torpedo or Rockets

Project 183P / P-6, P-4 MTB, P4 class, 183R Komar, Shantou class Gunboat,
Komar mit SS-N-2 Styx,
Komar 1962 (1/1250)
Kronstadt class 122

Kronstadt class Pj 122bis (2x) (1/1250), PLA 6604 / 122bis Kronstadt
Osa class

Osa I Prj205 Moskit, Osa II Prj205 Moskit (1/1250), OSA I/II, OSA II
Project 201M / SO-1

Project 201M (SO-1) 1959 (1/1250)
Type 062 Shanghai / Type 062 Shanghai class

PLA 062 Shanghai class

Houbei class Type 22 FAC2208
USS Sea Hunter



Typ IX / 21-cm-Nebelwerfer 42

U-Boot IX B U-511 WG42 (1/400), U-Boot IX D2 U-875 Bachstelze (1/400)


Asian Wooden Sailing Vessels (I)


SMS Deutschland 1848 (1/1250)



Svir 1905, Tsukumo 1943
US Design 1020 Lake A


Kan Lu Survey ship
Kingfisher class

HMS Kittiwake 1942 (1/600)

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