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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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Bobr 1905 class
Lembit ex Bobr 1907;1919-1925: SU Gunboat Bobr captured by Germans; tender Bieber, transferrred to Estonia as Lembit
Konvoir class
Laine 1912;1918;1940 Former SU escort of submarines. Sputnik 7/4/1918 captured at Abo (Turku) by German AMC Möwe, converted to tender Lauterbach. 13/11/1918 to Estonia as Laine as patrol, gunboat and submarine depot ship. 6/8/1940 Baltic Fleet as guard ship Layne
Pikkeri class
Pikkeri 1939-1940; After entering of Estonia into USSR Pikker as command ship Pikker (since 1941 Kiev, since 1942 Luga, later Ilmen`. Since 1948 on Black Sea as dispatch vessel Rioni, since 1961 as survey vessel Moskovskiy Universitet. Stricken 1978


Zabiyaka class
Wambola 1915;1919-1933 ex SU Spartak; 1933 an Peru als Almirante Villar (-1954)
Russian destroyer Spartak captured by British cruisers Caradoc and Calypso and destroyers Vendetta, Vortigern and Wakeful 26/12/1918 and transferred by them to Estonia month later. Wambola was commissioned by Estonian Navy in December 1919.

Valerian Kuibyshev ex Kapitan Kern
Avtroil class
Lennuk 1914; 1919-1933 ex SU Avtroil; 1933 an Peru als Almirante Guise (-1949)
Russian destroyer Avtroil captured by British cruisers Caradoc and Calypso and destroyers Vendetta, Vortigern and Wakeful 27/12/1918 and transferred them to Estonia month later.

Almirante Guise (1/1250)


A-II (Amtsentwurf 1915)
Sulev 1916;1924-1940 ex German A32; 1940 to SU as Ametist
Former German torpedo boat A32. 7/11/1917 she ran aground during a storm on island Saaremaa in Gulf of Riga. In October, 1923 she was raised by Estonian wreckers and in August, 1924 commissioned by Estonian Navy as Sulev. 1940 aquired by Baltic Fleet as Ametist

Sulev 1939 ex A-32 (1/1250)


Kalev class
Kalev, Lembit; 1937-1940, Minelayer-Boats, taken by SU

Kalev EML,
Bausatzkandidat: EML Kalev by forest-warehouse on in (out of stock)

Minenleger, Kanonenboot

Ristna class
Ristna, Suurop; 1906; 1918-1940

Suurop 1940 (1/1250)


Teplokhod class
Kalev 1935:Keri 1914/16;ex German KM1 ex SU M2; 1918-1940, Traal ex German KM2 ex SU M3; 1914/16;1918-1940, M10 1919:Olev 1935:Vaindlo 1914/16;1918-1940
Kondor I class
Vambola 1994-2000, Sulev 1994-2000
pic by
Kondor 1972 (1/1250)
Frauenlob class
Kalev 1966;1997-2004, Olev 1966;1997-0
Lindau class
Sulev ex German Lindau 2000-, Wambola ex Cuxhaven 2000-

Lindau-Klasse (1/1250)
Sandown class
ex British boats since 2005.Admiral Cowan, Sakala, Ugandi

HMS Sandown

Nicht zugeordnet

kleine Kampfboote

Storm class Missile Boat

Storm class
Project 1400 Zhuk
Grenzschutzboot/Patrouillenboot, Bewaffnungsvarianten 0/1/2 Doppel-Mg/Mk. Einsätze im 2.Golfkrieg und Abchasisch-Georgischer Krieg

Project 1400 Zhuk,
Bausatzkandidat: Project 1400 announced by Kombrig 2021

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