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Fishery protection and Patrol Vessels

Muircha class
Muircha 1908-1946
Fort Rannoch class
Fort Rannoch 1936;1936-1947
Flower class
Maev 1941;1946-1972, Cliona 1941;1946-1971, Macha 1941;1946-1971

Base type Flower Class
Ton class
Grainne 1954;1971-1985, Banba 1952;1971-1983, Fola 1955;1971-1986

HMS Upton M1187 1955 (1/1250), HMS Essington
Deirdre class
Deirdre 1972;1972-

Similar type Aisling
Ferdia class
Ferdia 197.-1978
Emer class
Improved Deirdre. Emer 1978;1978-2013 2014- Nigeria NNS Prosperity, Aoife 1979;1979-2015 2015- Malta, Aisling 1980;1980-2017 Libyen

Eithne class
Eithne 1984;1984-0, unnamed -;---
Peacock class
Orlagh ex HMS Swift 1984;1988-, Ciara ex HMS Swallow 1984;1988-
Sisters came to Philippines as Emilio Jacinto class

HMS Peacock
Roisin class
PV80 design OPV. Roisin 2000;2000-0, Niamh 2001;2001-0

Similar type Samuel Becket P61
Samuel Beckett class
OPV slightly larger (90m) than New Zealand Protector class (85m) which is based on 80m Roisin class PV80 design.
Samuel Beckett 2014-, James Joyce 2015-, William Butler Yeats 2016-, George Bernard Shaw under construction (as of 2017)

Samuel Becket P61


M1 class
M1-M5 1939-1948

Not assigned

Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)

Mersey class trawler

UJ2101 ex Strymon (1/600)

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