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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Aircraft
Shows the Navy of the Indep. State of Croatia RMNDH in WW2 ansd of the Republic Croatia HRM after 1991.For other times see Yugoslavia.

Independent State Croatia


Gazelle class
Niobe 1925 an Jugoslawien verkauft als Dalmacija, 1941 durch Italien erbeutet als Cattaro, 1943 als deutsche Beute in die Kriegsmarine übernommen, an Kroatien übergeben als Zniam, Bild:]_yugoslavia/

SMS Niobe (1900/1918), Similar type Arcona 1940/45


kuk 74T class
kuk 78T, dann jugosl. T3, dann ital T3, dann deutsch TA48, dann kroat T3, dann deutsch TA48, versenkt durch Flugzeuge(216)

TA48 ex kuk 78T (1/600), Similar type SMS Tb 80T kuk / rum. Vijelia
kuk 82F class
kuk 96F, dann jugosl. T7, dann ital T7, dann deutsch TA34, dann Kroatien T7, versenkt durch MTB(216)

SMS Tb 82F kuk (1/600), SMS Tb 82F kuk (1/1250), SMS Tb 82F kuk

River Monitor

Szamos class
Bosna (ex-Morava, ex-Körös) 1909;1892 // 1941-sunk 6/1944

SMS Körös kuk
Bodrog class
Sava (ex-Bodrog) 1904;11/1904 // 1941-sunk 9/9/1944

KS MTB, Patrol boats

KS Type
KS12-KS15 German KS type small MTBs, transferred 9/9/1944.
Aux patrol boats
G102 (ex-NA02, ex-Jadera), 12/1944- G202 (1928, 220, 8/1944 - 25/4/1945); G104 (ex-Salvore) (1911, 167, 8/1944 - 5/1945)

Mine Warfare

Pasman Minensucher/-leger Malinska/Albona class
Pasman (ex-Mosor) 1909;1931 // 12/1943-wrecked 5/1/1944. Ex-Yugoslavian minelayer Mosor (build by Italy), captured by Italians 22/4/1941 and renamed Pasman. Later she was captured by Germans, officially transferred to Croatia 31/12/1943 and wrecked while towed to outfitting. Pasman was never fully commissioned by German or Croatian navies.

Similar type Netztender 56 (1/600)
Aux river mine sweeper
Petar Zrinjski (1855, 200 t, 7/1944 - 7/10/1944), Zagreb (1897, 170, 8/1944 - 23/10/1944)

Republic Croatia

Missile Boats

Shershen class Type 206
MTB VUKOVAR ex jug. "Partizan II", SU build (Shtorm class), …. Ca 12 boats 1991-1993, ? ex jug. "Strjelko"; †10.94
Koncar class
Missile boat Sibenik RTOP-21 ex JRM Vlado Ćetković (RTOP-21) captured by Croatian forces in Šibenik during the Battle of the Barracks
Helsinki class
Missile boat Vukovar (RTOP-41) ex Finnish Oulu, Dubrovnik (RTOP-42) ex Kotka, acquired 2008

Helsinki class
Kralj class
Missile boat Kralj Petar Krešimir IV (RTOP-11) 1992 under build for Yugosl. Finished for Croatia, Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir (RTOP-12) 2001

Patrol Boats

Mirna class
Novigrad (OB-01)
Šolta (OB-02)
Cavtat (OB-03)
Hrvatska Kostajnica (OB-04)
captured from Yugoslavia

Other Vessels

Moma class
Training ship Andrija Mohorovičić (BŠ-72)
Spasilac class
Rescue ship Faust Vrančić (BS-73)
Korcula class
Mine Hunter Korcula
Landing ships
Silba class, Type 11, Type 22, Aux 713
Osa I
Minelayer Dubrovnik ex jugosl Velimir Skorpik, 1991-1991

Osa I Prj205 Moskit, Osa II Prj205 Moskit (1/1250), OSA I/II
Ham class
Minesweeper ? Ex jugosl. Iz, ex am. MSI 100 1991

HMS Dittisham M2621 (1/1250)
Sirius class
Minehunter ? ex jug. "Vukov Klanac", ex "Hrabri" (frz) 1991

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