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Monarchy 1932-1945 in Manchuria under strong Japanese influence.


Momo class
Kashi 1916-1944: 1937 Machukuo as Hai Wei without TTs,1 x 1 - 120/40 41-shiki, some MGs, DCs (originally carried 3 120mm/45 guns and 2 triple 450mm TTs)
1943 back to IJN as Kaii, 1944 sunk

Hai Feng class
Designed on the basis of IJN sub-chasers with moderated dimensions (43,6m, 184t-220t), machinery power and speed. 2 x 1 - 76/40, 2 x 1 - 12.7/62, 2 DCT, Japanese names were Kaiho and Koirun.
Hai Feng 1933-45 captured by USSR 22/8/1945 (guard ship Veter),
Hai Lung 1933-45 captured by USSR 22/8/1945 (Shtil)


Tsingtau class
Li Sui ex SMS Vaterland. Former German river gunboat requisitioned by China in Nanking 20/3/1917 as Li Sui. Subsequently she was translated to Sungari. In 1932 she was in failure condition captured by Japanese troops and enlisted by Sungari flotilla of Manchukuo. In 1933 repaired and commissioned. IJN name was Risui. In 1937 gunboat can make only 7kts. In 1941 Li Sui was converted to Training Ship, 22/8/1945 captured by Soviet troops in Harbin and commissioned by Soviet Navy as TS Pekin.

SMS Vaterland / Li-Sui / Pekin (1/1250)
Junten class
1934 Junten, Yomin. Passed to Mandschukuo as Shun Tien, Yang Min. Captured by SU as KL-55,57

Manchukuo Imperial Navy (1)
Shinjin class
1935 Shinjin and Teiken. Slightly improved Junten class. Passed to Mandschukuo as Chin Yen, Ting Pien. Captured by SU as KL-56,58

Similar type Manchukuo Imperial Navy (1)
Kozakura class
japan. 30t traffic boats built 1935, transferrred to Manchuria 1939. Kozakura => Hai Tien, Hakubai => Hai Yang


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