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This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft

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Mareshal Deodoro class
1900 built by France. 1900-1924 Brasil, 1924 to Mexiko as Anahuac

Mareshal Deodoro / bras. Anahuac,
Mareshal Floriano 1904 (1/1250)


Machias class

USS Castine PG-6
Durango class
Gunboat built in Spain- Served 1936-2001!

Durango (1/1250)

USS Buckley DE-51 Class
Edsall class

USS Calcaterra DER-390 1954 (1/1250)

USS Cushing DD-797, USS Fletcher DD-445, USS Fletcher Class, Zerstörer 1 (Z1) (1/1250)
Gearing class

USS Gearing DD-710, USS Gearing class USS Frank Knox DD-742, USS Goodrich DD-831, USS Gearing Class (1/1250), USS Gearing FRAM, USS Gearing FRAM, USS Gyatt DDG-1 1957 (1/1250)
Tacoma class

USS Tacoma 1943 (1/1250)
Knox class

USS Knox FF-1052 (1970) (1/1250), USS Robert E. Peary ( FF-1073 )
Sigma Design
Patrol boats

Patrulla Oceánica de Largo Alcance (POLA) / Reformador-Klasse.,
Sigma 10514
USS Bronstein class

USS McCloy

Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)

SC497 class / PGM-1 class

USS SC497 110' Subchaser Wk2 (1/600)
Admirable class

USS Admirable class PCER, USS Scout 1944 (1/1250)
Auk class

USS Pilot AM-104 1942 (1/1250)

Small combattants

SC497 class / PGM-1 class

USS SC497 110' Subchaser Wk2 (1/600)
Abnaki class

Abnaki class corvettes, Similar type USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Sa'ar-4.5 class

Sa'ar 4.5 Aliya-subclass, Sa'ar 4.5 Aliya-subclass, Sa'ar 4.5 Hetz-subclass


ARD-2 class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock
Newport class

ROCS Chung Ho (LST-232)

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