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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Helicopters


Indepencia class
armoured frigate
Independencia 1865-1879
Victoria 1864;-
Canonicus class monitor
Atahualpa 186.;1867-1881 ex USS Catawba (addiditional superstructure compared to other class members). See .

USS Canonicus (1/600)
Manco Capac
Manco Capac 186.;1867-1880
Huascar class
Huascar 1865-1879, then captured by Chile

Huascar 1866


Amazonas class
screw frigate
Amazonas 1852-1866
America class
screw corvette
America 1864-1868, Union 1864-1881
Lima class
cruiser ex merchant ship
Lima ex Socrates 1881 in Germany for Greek; in UK converted to cruiser 1889-1926 converted to R-class submarines depot ship and minelayer, being used also as transport, stricken 1950
Callao ex Diogenes -1881 in Germany for Greek; not paid, purchased by Japan 1895, but not delivered, incomplete to USA 4/1898 and renamed USS Topeka (later classified as PG-35), 1921 IX-35, 1930 sold for scrap

Lima 1930 (1/1250), Lima 1930
Dupuy de Lome class
armoured cruiser
Elias Aguirre 1890;-1912-1914 ex frz. Dupuy de Lome. Bought but not paid, not delivered

Dupuy de Lome 1890
Almirante Grau class
light cruiser
Almirante Grau 1907-1958, Coronel Bolognesi 1907-1958

Almirante Grau 1906 (1/1250)
Fiji class
light cruiser
Almirante Grau 1973:Capitan Quinones ex HMS Newfoundland 1943;1959-1979, Coronel Bolognesi 1942;1960-1982 ex HMS Ceylon

HMS Trinidad (1942)
De Zeven Provincien class
light cruiser
Almirante Grau 73 ex hol. "De Ruyter", 47 ex "De Zeven Provincien", 45 ex nm. "KH 1", 5.40 ex hol. "De Zeven Provincien",
Aguirre 1953;1973- ex hol. "De Zeven Provincien", 47 ex "De Ruyter", 45 ex nm. "KH 2", 40 ex hol. "Eendracht", ex "Kijkduin"

KH1 ex De Zeven Provincien


Chasseur class
Teniente Rodriguez 1909-1939 ex French Actee
pic by
Chasseur 1919 (1/1250)
Avtroil class
Almirante Guise 1915;1933-1949 ex-Estonian Lennuk, ex-Russian Avtroil 1,350 tons.

Almirante Guise (1/1250)
Zabiyaka/Orfei class
Almirante Villar 1915;1933-1954 ex-Estonian Wambola, ex-Russian Spartak, ex-Kapitan 1-go ranga Miklukho-Maklai, ex-Kapitan Kinsbergen, 1,150 tons.

Valerian Kuibyshev ex Kapitan Kern
Fletcher class
Guise 1942;1961-1981 ex-USS Isherwood, Villar 1943;1961-1980 ex-USS Benham

Basistyp Fletcher
Daring 1949 class
Palacios 1952;1969-1993 ex-HMS Diana , Ferre 1949;1969-2004 ex-HMS Decoy

HMAS Vendetta D08 1973
Holland class
Garcia y Garcia 1953;1978-1986 ex-HNLMS Holland

Holland 1954 (1/1250)
Friesland class
Coronel Bolognesi 1955;1982-1990 ex-HNLMS Overijssel , Castilla 1956;1980-1990 ex-HNLMS Utrecht , Guise 1955;1981-1985 ex-HNLMS Drenthe , Capitan Quinones 1955;1980-1991 ex-HNLMS Limburg, Villar 1956;1980-1991 ex-HNLMS Amsterdam, Galvez 1954;1981-1991 ex-HNLMS Groningen, Diez Canseco 1956;1981-1991 ex-HNLMS Rotterdam

Hr.Ms. Friesland 1956 (1/1250), Hr.Ms. Friesland 1956

T-Boote, Geleiter

Republica class
1879-1881 Herreshoff spar torpedo boats. 2=Republica, 3=Allay, captured by Chile as Guacolda, 4 not completed
River class
Ferre 1944;1947-1966, Palacios 1943;1947-1966

HMAS Gascoyne 1945, HMS River class (1/1250)
Tacoma class
Galvez 1943;1948-1961

Kusu JMSDF, USS Tacoma 1943 (1/1250)
Cannon (DET) class
Castilla 1943;1951-1979, Aguirre 1943;1951-1974, Rodriguez 1943;1951-1979

USS Cannon DE-99 Class
Auk class
Diez Canseco 1945;1960-1975, Galvez 1945;1960-1975

USS Pilot AM-104 1942 (1/1250)
Lupo class
Meliton Carvajal 1979-0, Manuel Villavicencio 1979-0, Montero 1984-0, Mariategui 1987-0, Aguirre 1979;2004-0, Palacios 1976;2005-0, Ferre 1978;200.-0, Almirante Grau 1977;200.-0

Perseo F566 1977 (1/1250)
Pohang class
ex S.Korea. Ferré 1984;2018-heute, Guise 1987;2022-heute



Ferre class
1912-1919 Ferre, Palacios
R class
1926-1960 R1-R4 (R5/6)
Abtao / Lobo class
modified US Mackerel 1939 class 1957-1998 (2004)

Bausatzkandidat: Mackeral & Marlin by Loose Cannon
Balao / Guppy class

USS Balao SS-285, USS Corporal SS-346 GUPPY II 1956
Type 209 class
Type 209/1100 class^: Islay, Arica; 1974-
Type 209/1200 class: Angamos, Antofagasta, Pisagua, Chipana; 1980-

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200

Nicht zugeordnet

kleine Kampfboote

Navajo class / US-Tug

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166


Tench class
Tench class


ARD-2 class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock
Navajo class / US-Tug

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Newport class

ROCS Chung Ho (LST-232)
Makassar class LPD

Pisco class LPD, Ähnlicher Stil RFA Mounts Bay

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