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Ship models in Naval Museum Cartagena Cartagena

Medieval Ages, Age of Sail (Examples)

Nina und Pinta waren Karavellen (1492). Peter von Danzig (1470) ist ein deutsches Beispiel

Peter von Danzig 1470 (1/1250), Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina (1/1250)
Karacke waren die Nachfolger der Karavelle. Bsp Santa Maria (1492) war entweder Karavelle oder Karacke

Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina (1/1250), Karracke Wrack

Venezianische Galeasse Lepanto 1571

Manila Galleon
Ships of the line Principe de Asturias …

Principe de Asturias 1794, Santisima Trinidad 1805, Monarca 1805, Black Seas Scenery: Sunk 1st rate, Black Seas Scenery: Sunk 3rd rate, San Justo

Fregatte 5th rate

Fregatte 5th rate

Aircraft Carrier

Dedalo ex Neuenfels
Seaplane tender 1901;1914 requisitioned by Spain, seaplane tender 1922-1935

Dedalo, Dédalo (1/1250)
Independence class
Dedalo ex am. "Cabot"/AVT 3, ex CVL 28, ex "Wilmington"/CL 79; 1943;1967-1989

USS Independence CVL-22
Principe de Asturias class
Principe de Asturias; 1982;1988-2013 (baugleich für Thailand: Chakri Naruebet.)

Kit candidate: simple model ESPS Principe de Asturias (R11) by Amatuer on Shapeways
Galicia class (Enforcer Design)
Galicia L51, Castilla L52

RFA Mounts Bay
Juan Carlos I class
Mixed Aircraft Carrier / LHD / LPD Juan Carlos I 2010-; for Australia as Canberra class HMAS Canberra (2014-), HMAS Adelaide (2015-), for Turkey Anadolou (planned 2021)

Juan Carlos I L-61


1865-1912 broadside ironclad (armoured frigate)

Numancia 1863
broadside ironclad 1863-1873

centre battery ironclad 1867-1911

Similar type Numancia 1863
broadside ironclad 1868-1879

centre battery ironclad 1867-1897
centre battery ironclad ex 100-gun ship of the line Principe Don Alfonso;1869-1896
Mendez Nunez
centre battery ironclad ex 38-gun, steam-powered frigate Resolución 1859;1879-1888
monitor 1874-1900

Puigcerdá Monitor
Duque de Tetua
floating battery 1874-1900
barbette ship 1888-1921

Felipe II class
Felipe II ;---
Espana class
Espana ;1913-1923, Alfonso XIII 1931:Espana ;1915-1937, Jaime I ;1921-1937

Espana (1/1250), Espana 1913


Aragon class
armoured cruiser
Aragon ;1879-1899, Castilla ;1881-1898, Navarra ;1881-1899

Castilla 1898
Velasco class
unprotected cruiser
UK Thames built: fewer but heavier guns and were slightly faster. Velasco ;1881-1898, Gravina ;1881-1885,
Higher superstructure: Infanta Isabel ;1885-1927, Isabel II ;1885-1907, Cristobal Colon ;1887-1895, Don Antonio de Ulloa ;1887-1898, Don Juan de Austria ;1887-1898 1900 raised by USN became gunboat USS Don Juan de Austria till 1919, Conde de Venadito ;1888-1907

USS Don Juan de Austria 1900 (1/1250), Infanta Isabel (Velasco Spanish variant)
Isla de Luzon class
protected cruiser
Isla de Luzon ;1887-1898 captured by US, rebuilt as gunboat USS Isla de Luzon 1900-1919, then private -1931,
Isla de Cuba Spanish 1887;1887-1898 USA 1900-1912 as USS Isla de Cuba, 1912 to Venezuela as Mariscal Sucre till 1940,
Marques de la Ensenada ;1892-

Isla de Cuba 1887 (1/1250), Isla de Luzon 1887
Alfonso XII class
protected cruiser
Alfonso XII ;1887-1907, Reina Cristina ;1887-1898, Reina Mercedes ;1887-1898

Alfonso XII
Reina Regente class
protected cruiser
Reina Regente ;1888-1895, Alfonso XIII ;1898- , Lepanto ;1898-1912

Reina Regente 1895, Reina Regente 1895 (1/1250)
Infanta Maria Theresa class
protected cruiser
Infanta Maria Theresa ;1890-1898, Vizcaya ;1891-1898, Almirante Oquendo ;1891-1898

Infanta Maria Teresa
Emperador Carlos V class
armoured cruiser
Emperador Carlos V ;1898-1931

Emperador Carlos V 1893 (1/1250)
Garibaldi class
armoured cruiser
Cristobal Colon ;1897-1898, Pedro de Aragon ;-1897 not ordered--
Kasuga **
Rio de la Plata class
protected cruiser
Rio de la Plata ;1899-1921
Princesa de Asturias class
armoured cruiser, repeat of Maria Theresa with modernized weapons and equipment
Princesa de Asturias ;1902-1929, Cardenal Cisneros ;1903-1905, Cataluna ;1904-1929

Similar type Infanta Maria Teresa
Estremadura class
protected cruiser
Estramadaura ex Isabel la Catolica ;1900-1930

Kit candidate: 1/1250 Estramadura by Brown Water on Shapeways
Reina Regente class
protected cruiser
Reina Regente ;1910-1926
Reina Victoria Eugenia class
light cruiser designed on base of British Birmingham
Reina Victoira Eugenia 1931:Republica 1937:Navarra ;1923-1947

Republica / Navarra / Reina Victoria Eugenia (1/1250), Similar type HMS Chester 1916
Blas de Lezo class
light cruiser, designed on base of British Caledon class
Blas de Lezo ex Mendez Nunez ;1925-1932, Mendez Nunez ex Blas de Lezo ;1924-1964, reconstructed as AA cruiser; 2 further cancelled

Mendez Nunez CL, Mendez Nunez AA (1/1250), Mendez Nunez AA
Principe Alfonso class
light cruiser
Principe Alfonso 1931:Libertad 1939:Galicia ;1927-1970, Almirante Cervera ;1927-1966, Miguel de Cervantes ;1930-1963

Libertad CL, Almirante Cervera, Galicia (1/1250)
Canarias class
heavy cruiser
Canarias ;1936-1975, Baleares ;1936-1938, El Ferrol ;not ordered--

Baleares (1938)
Mar Negro class
armed merchantman Mar Negro 1930;1938-1939; Mar Cantabrico
pic by
Mar Negro 1938 (1/1250)

Gunboats and sloops

Fernando el Catolico class
1875-1898 Fernando el Catolico, Marques del Duero (later US P-17),

Fernando El Catolico Class
Jorge Juan
Sloop 1876-1898

Jorge Juan

Temerario class
torpedo gunboat
Velox ....:Nueva Espana ;1889-1916, Martin Alonzo Pinzon ex Audaz ;1889-1914, Galicia ;1891-1898, Marques de Molins ;1891-1922, Rapido ;1891-0, Vincente Yanez Pinzon ;1891-1914
Filipinas class
torpedo gunboat
Filipinas ;1892-1906 then Thailand
Hernan Cortes class
Hernan Cortes ;1895-1925, Vasco Nunez de Balboa ;1895-1926, Pizarro ;1895-1898
Ponce de Leon class
Ponce de Leon ;1895-1916, Diego de Velasquez ;1895-1899
Alvarado class
Alvarado ;1895-1898, Sandoval ;1895-1898
Quiros class
Quiros ;1895-1899, Villalobos ;1895-1899
Dona Maria de Molina class
torpedo gunboat
Dona Maria de Molina ;1898-1926, Marques de la Vitoria ;1898-1926, Don Alvaro de Bazan ;1900-1926
Velasco class
Velasco ;1911-0
Recalde class
Recalde ;1911-1932, Laya ;1911-1938, Bonifaz ;1911-1932, Lauria ;1912-193.

Laya (1/1250), Laya
Castillo class
Antonio Canovas del Castillo 1930:Canovas del Castillo ;1923-1959, Jose Canalejas 1930:Canalejas ;1923-1953, Eduardo Dato 1930:Dato ;1923-1954

Dato (1/1250)
Durango class
Calvo Sotelo ;1938-1957; built for Mexico (like sister Durango), but acquisioned by Spain.

Calvo Sotelo 1939 (1/1250), Similar type Durango (1/1250)


Torpedo-Gunboat, the first Destroyer worldwide, built in UK. 1886-1908

Kit candidate: 1/1250 Destructor by Brown Water on Shapeways
Furor class
Build in GB, similar to A class, Thompson type with three uneven funnels
Furor group: Furor 1896;1896-1898, Terror 1896;1896-1924
Audaz Group: Audaz 1897;1897-1924, Osado 1897;1897-1924, Pluton 1897;1897-1898, Proserpine 1897;1897-1931

Terror 1896 (1/1250), Similar type HMS Spitfire 1895, Similar type HMS Hunter 1895
Bustamante class
Bustamante 1914;1914-1931, Villaamil 1914;1914-1931, Cadarso Ex Requesens 1916;1916-1930

Bustamante (1/1250), Bustamante
Alsedo class
Smaller version of HMS Nimrod. Alsedo 1922;1922-1957, Velasco 1923;1923-1957, Juan Lazaga ....:Lazaga 1924;1924-1961
similar to British Marksman class

Alsedo (1/1250), Similar type HMS Marksman 1915
Churruca class (I, II)
Design on base of British Scott class leaders
Churruca -1927;--1927, Alcala Galiano -1927;--1927, Sanchez Barcaztegui 1927;1927-1965, Almirante Juan Ferrandiz 1928;1928-1936, Jose Luis Diez 1928;1928-1966, Lepanto 1928;1928-1957, Churruca 1929;1929-1964, Alcala Galiano 1930;1930-1957, Almirante Valdes 1930;1930-1957, Almirante Antequera (Group II) 1931;1931-1969, Almirante Miranda 1931;1931-1970, Gravina 1931;1931-1964, Escano 1932;1932-1964, Jorge Juan 1937;1937-1959, Ulloa 1938;1938-1964, Ciscar 1933;1933-1958

Churruca (1/1250), Similar type HMS Scott
Júpiter class
Minelayers used as destroyers, 1935-1977
Jupiter, Marte, Neptuno, Vulcano

Jupiter 1939 (1/1250)
Aquila class
Built in Italy for Romania (Marasti/Vifor class), these 2 stayed in Italy, sold to Spain 1937
Ceuta (ex-it.Aquila, ex-rom.Vifor) 1919;1937-1949, Melilla (ex-it.Falco, ex-rom.Viscol) 1919;1937-1950

Marasti, Ceuta (1/1250)
Alessandro Poerio class
Ex-Italian light cruiser / destroyers bought 1937
Huesca (ex-Alessandro Poerio) 1914;1938-1953, Teruel (ex-Guglielmo Pepe) 1914;1938-1947

Guglielmo Pepe (1/1250), Teruel ex Alessandro Poerio (1/1250)
Eolo class
Minelayer used as destroyer. Slightly smaller and cheaper variant of Jupiter class on the basis of construction of gunboat-transport Guanajuato (built by Spain for Mexico).
Eolo 1941-1972, Triton 1941-1972

Eolo 1942 (1/1250)
Alava class (Churruca III)
Originally re-order of the Churruca class / Almirante Antequera group. Cancelled, restarted for Argentina, Argentina cancelled again, redesigned and finished in the 50s.
Alava 1950;1950-1978, Liniers 1951;1951-1982

Similar type Churruca (1/1250), Similar type HMS Scott
Audaz class
Small destroyer projected started 1939 with the help of Germany on the base of French Le Fier class with German equipment
Audaz 1953;1953-1974, Osado 1955;1955-1972, Meteoro ex Atrevido 1955;1955-1975, Rayo 1956;1956-1974, Ariete 1961;1961-1966, Furor 1960;1960-1974, Intrepido 1965;1965-1982, Relampagio 1965;1965-1975, Temerario 1964;1964-1975

Similar type L'Agile (1/1250)
Fletcher class
Lepanto (ex-Capps) 1942;1957-1985, Almirante Ferrandiz (ex-David W. Taylor) 1942;1957-1987, Almirante Valdes (ex-Converse) 1942;1959-1986, Alcala Galiano (ex-Jarvis) 1944;1960-1989, Jorge Juan (ex-McGowan) 1943;1960-1988

Base type Fletcher
Oquendo class (Le Hardi class)
1947 9 ordered on base of the French Le Hardi class, 6 cancelled again, Oquendo finshed as planned, the last 2 redesigned and enlarged Oquendo 1963;1963-1978, Blasco de Garay cancelled;--1953, Blas de Lezo cancelled;--1953, Bonifaz cancelled;--1953, Gelmirez cancelled;--1953, Langara cancelled;--1953, Recalde cancelled;--1953

Similar type Lansquenet
Oquendo mod. Class / Roger de Lauria class
Originally Oquendo design, then enlarged and equipped to USN Gearing class FRAM II standards.
Roger de Lauria 1969;1969-1982, Marques de la Ensenada 1970;1970-1988

Roger de Lauria
Gearing class
Churruca 1945;1972-1989, Gravina 1945;1972-1991, Langara 1945;1973-1992, Mendez Nunez 1945;1973-1992, Blas de Lezo 1945;1973-1991

Base type Gearing class


Castor class
Castor ;1878-1878
Pollux class
Pollux ;1879-1879
Rigel class
Rigel ;1883-1883 built in Germany, Bremen
Acevedo class
Acevedo ;1885-1885, Julian Ordonez ;1885-1885. Spanish built on plans of British Childers class
Retamosa class
Retamosa ;1885-1885
Orion class
Orion ;1885-1885; built at Germania, Germany
Habana class
Habana ;1886-1886 British Thorneycroft 125ft type
Barcezo class
Barcezo (Barcelo?) ;1886-1886, Bustamente ;1887-1887
Azor class
Azor ;1887-1887, Halcon ;1887-1887
Ariete class
Ariete ;1887-1887, Rayo ;1887-1887
Ejercito class
Ejercito ;1887-1887
T-1 class
Built in Spain with help of Vickers on base of French Cyclone class torpedo boats made by Normand
T1-T22, 1908-1949

2 Torpedo-Boot 1911 (1/1250), Similar type Hayabusa 1899

Frigates, Corvettes

Hunt MS Sloop
HMS Crozier (ex-Verwood, ex-Ventnor) used as republican blockade runner in civil war (as a fast transport) Capitan de corbeta Verdia. After war gunnery trainer Virgen de la Caridad till 1960

HMS Hunt 1917 / UJ 2109 1943 (1/1250), HMS Hunt 1917 (1/600)
Pizarro class
frigate. Design first based on Eolo class minelayers, then on British Black Swan class
Pizarro 1947/51;1947/51-1968, Hernan Cortes 1947/51;1947/51-1971, Martin Alonso Pinzon 1947/51;1947/51-1968, Vasco Nunez de Balboa 1947/51;1947/51-1972, Vincente Yanez Pinzon 1947/51;1947/51-1982, Legaspi 1947/51;1947/51-1978, Magallanes 1947/51;1947/51-1972, Sarmiento de Gamboa 1947/51;1947/51-1973

Similar type Hipper F214 1959 (1/1250), Similar type Scharnhorst F213 1960 (1/1250), Similar type HMS Starling
Atrevida class
Atrevida 1954;1954-1992, Descubierta 1955;1955-1978, Princesa 1959;1959-1991, Diana 1960;1960-1973, Nautilus 1959;1959-1991, Villa de Bilbao ex Favorita 1960;1960-1991
Knox class / Baleares class
Baleares 1973;1973-2005, Andalucia 1974;1974- , Cataluna 1975;1975-2004, Asturias 1975;1975- , Extremadura 1976;1976-

USS Knox FF-1052 (1970) (1/1250), USS Robert E. Peary ( FF-1073 )
Descubierta class
corvette based on Portugal Joao Coutinho-class
Descubierta 1978;1978- , Diana 1979;1979- , Infanta Elena 1980;1980- , Infanta Cristina 1980;1980- , Cazadora 1981;1981- , Vencedora 1982;1982- , Centinela -1979;-1979-1982, Serviola -1979;-1979-1982

Descubierta 2005 (1/1250), Similar type Gomez Roca
Oliver H. Perry / Santa Maria class
Santa Maria ex Navarra 1986;1986- , Victoria ex Pinta ex Leon 1987;1987- , Numancia ex Nina ex Murcia 1988;1988- , Reina Sofia ex America 1990;1990- , Navarra 1994;1994- , Canarias 1994;1994-

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
Serviola class
Serviola 1991;1991- , Centinela 1991;1991- , Vigia 1992;1992- , Atalaya 1992;1992-
pic by
Serviola 1991 (1/1250)
Alvaro de Bazan class
frigate. Shared systems with NL De Zeven P. and German F124, but optically different.
Alvaro de Bazan 2002;2002- , Almirante Juan de Borbon ex Roger de Lauria 2003;2003- , Blas de Lezo 2005;2005- , Mendez Nunez 2006;2006- , Cristóbal Colón 2010,2012-, (Juan de Austria gecancelt)

Alvaro de Bazan F100


Isaac Peral
Isaac Peral A-0
1917-1930 holland type similar to USS M-1 (SS-47))
A class
F/Laurenti A-1 Narciso Monturiol (1917-1934), A-2 Cosme Garcia (1917-1931), A-3 (1917-1932)
B class
Holland F-105. B-1 (1921-1941), B-2 (1922-1951), B-3 (1922-1940), B-4 (1923-1937), B-5 (1925-1936), B-6 (1926-1936)

Similar type C-1/2 U-Boot (1/1250), Similar type C-3 U-Boot (1/1250), Similar type C-2 U-Boot
C class
Holland F-105. C-1 - C-6. Very similar to B class, slightly larger

C-1/2 U-Boot (1/1250), C-3 U-Boot (1/1250), C-2 U-Boot
Archimede class
ex Italian. General Mola (1937-1958) (ex-Archimede 1934-1937), General Sanjurjo (1937-1959) (ex-Torricelli 1935-1937)
S-01 class Type VIIC
ex German . S-01 G-7 (1942-1970) (ex-U-573 1941-1942)

U-Boot Typ VIIB
S-10 D class
S-11 (1947-1965)
S-20 D mod
S-21 (1951-1971), S-22 (1954-1971)
S-30 Balao class
S-31 Almirante García de los Reyes (1959-1982) (ex-USS370 Kraken 1944-1959), S-32 Isaac Peral (1971-1980) (ex-USS396 Ronquil 1944-1971), S-33 Narciso Monturiol (1972-1973)(ex-USS382 Picuda 1943-1972), S-34 Cosme García (1972-1980)(ex-USS385 Bang 1943-1972), S-35 Narciso Monturiol (1973-1980)(ex-USS368 Jallao 1944-1974)

USS Balao SS-285, USS Corporal SS-346 GUPPY II 1956
SA-40 Foca class
SA-41 Foca I (1963-1969), SA-42 Foca II (1964-1969)
SA-50 Tiburón class
Midget-Sub based on German Hai-Klasse. SA-51 Tiburón I (1965-1979), SA-52 Tiburón II (1966-1979)

Similar type U-Boot Hai S-170, Similar type U-Boot Hecht S-171, Similar type U-Boot Typ XXIII, Similar type U-Boot Typ XXIII (1/72),
Kit candidate: Tiburon by MikroMir in 1/144
S-60 Delfín class
French Daphné-class. S-61-S-64 Delfín, Marsopa, Narval, Tonina

S-70 Agosta class
French Agosta class. Galerna (S 71) 1983-, Siroco (S 72) 1983-2012, Mistral (S 73) 1985-, Tramontana (S 74) 1985-

Kit candidate: Agosta class by OKB Grigorov,
Kit candidate: Agosta 70 SSK by Amatuer on Shapeways
S-80 Peral class
planned to deploy 2022+ . S-81 Isaac Peral, S-82 Narciso Monturiol, S-83 Cosme García, S-84 Mateo García de los Reyes

Similar type Soryu 2007


G-5 class
11 / LT-15, 21 / LT-16, 31, 41

G-5 Soviet MTB
S-1 class
Badajoz (LT-15) (1937-1944) ex S-1 German, Falange (LT-13) (1936-1937) ex S-2 German, Oviedo (LT-12) (1937-1940) ex S-3 German, Requeté (LT-11) (1936-1946) ex S-4 German, Toledo (LT-14) (1939-1944) ex S-5 German

Similar type S-Boot (S7 oder S-10 bis S-13)
Sicilia (LT-18) (1937-?) ex MAS 100 Italian., Nápoles (LT-19) (1937-?) ex MAS 223 Italian., Cándido Pérez (LT-16) (1937-?) ex MAS 435 talian., Javier Quiroga (LT-17) (1937-1937) ex MAS 436 Italian.
S-38 class
German construction
LT-21 (1943-1956) Ex S-73 German
LT-22 (1943-1956) Ex S-78 German
LT-23 (1943-1956) Ex S-124 German
LT-24 (1943-1955) Ex S-125 German
LT-25 (1943-1955) Ex S-126 German
LT-26 (1943-1957) Ex S-145 German
Spanish construction
LT-27 (1953-1963)
LT-28 (1953-1963)
LT-29 (1953-1961)
LT-30 (1953-1977)
LT-31 (1956-1977)
LT-32 (1959-1974)

S-100, S-Boote S100-Klasse 1/700
Lazaga class
1975… Lürssen FPB-57 Design

Klasse 143 German Missile Boat,


Marte class
Marte, Neptuno
Jupiter class
modernized Marte: Jupiter, Vulcano
Eolo class
Eolo, Triton


Hunt MS class
Virgen de la Caridad (ex-Capitán de Corbeta Remigio Verdia, ex-Queen of the Bay, ex-Protea, ex-Crozier, ex-Verwood, ex-Ventnor)

HMS Hunt 1917 / UJ 2109 1943 (1/1250), HMS Hunt 1917 (1/600)
Bidasoa class
on plans of German M1940 type

M469 Typ 40 (1943), M-Boot Typ 40 (1/1250), TS-4 ex M278 1945
Guadiaro class
further M1940 boats

M469 Typ 40 (1943), M-Boot Typ 40 (1/1250), TS-4 ex M278 1945
Nalón class
ex Adjutant / Bluebird class

Castagno M5504 (1/1250)
Guadalete class
ex Aggressive class

USS Inflict AM-456/MSO-456 (1/1250), USS Agile AM-421 (1/1250)
Segura class
enlarged British Sandown design

Similar type HMS Sandown

Not assigned


F124 Sachsen

Hessen F221

Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)

Mersey class trawler

UJ2101 ex Strymon (1/600)


Casa Grande class

USS Comstock LSD-19

Newport class

ROCS Chung Ho (LST-232)

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