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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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Chamois class

Chamois class (1/1250)
Edsall class

USS Calcaterra DER-390 1954 (1/1250)


Kondor class
pic by
Kondor 1972 (1/1250)

Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)

Adjutant class / Abete class / Castagno class / Sauda class

Castagno M5504 (1/1250)

Small combattants

Lürssen FPB-57 Design

Type 143 Albatros class,
Klasse 143 German Missile Boat
Le Fougueux class / PC1610

UW12 (1/1250)

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