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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Aircraft


Leitha class River Monitors
Leitha, Maros (1872)1919-1921

SMS Leitha (3 Bauzustände) waiting for availability **
Szamos class Flussmonitore
Körös 1892-1944 1892-1918 kuk 1918 Ungarn 1920-1941 Jugosl. Als Morava 1941-1944 Kroatien als Bosna, Szamos ab 1925 Ponton

SMS Körös kuk
Enns class River Moonitors
Inn 1915- 1919 Ungarn as Újvidek, then as Marx. Interned by Jugosl. Then to Romania 1920 as Besarabia 1944 russ. Kiercz 1951 rum M206

Ähnlicher Typ SMS Temes kuk (1/1250)
Fluss Wachfahrzeuge
i class
i 1916 Fogas 1927:Gödöllö -1945,
k 1915: Csuka - 1919 Siofok 1929 österr. Birago -193939
l Wels class / Compo class
l 1915-1916:Wels 1919 jugosl. Bregalnica 1920 Szeged
m 1916: Barsch 1919 jugosl Neretva 1929 Ungarn Baja
n 1916: Compo 1927/1929 ungarn Györ
o 1916:Viza 1921 ungar. Kecskemét

SMS Barsch kuk (1/1250), Szeged 1945
p Stör class / Komarom class
vergrößerte Wels
p Stör 1918-1919:Ungarn Komárom 1921:österr. Stör 1927/30 Ungarn Sopron
q Lachs 1918-1919:Ungarn Pozsony 1924 Debrecen -1950
r 1918 incomplete

Ähnlicher Typ SMS Barsch kuk (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ Szeged 1945
Magda class / Honved class
former Russian armour river scout launches built in Odessa (1910) and in 1918 captured by the K.u.K. to Hungary. Remain service until 1945. His first name was MAGDA (and his sister ship's name was MÁRIA). After the WW1 MAGDA re-named to TÜZÉR and MÁRIA re-named to HUSZÁR. 3rd boat Honved

Tüzer ex Magda
PM-1 class
PM-1 Turan I turret. 5 more build started, but remained unfinished 1944. PM3 after war as PN11, other 1956 as PN31 and PN32, totally modified, discarded by 1973. PM1 was badly damaged in November 1944 because of Soviet artillery at Cepel. Surrendered in May 1945 to US Forces and her hull survived s a depot barge at Passau.

Bausatzkandidat: PM-1 by Brown Water on Shapeways, Ähnlicher Typ PAM-21 1944
PAM-21 class
PAM-21, PAM-22 minelayers on base of PM-1. 6 further started, 2 finished 1949 as KAN1,2

PAM-21 1944
small river minelaying boats (1940-1941)


Kassa class
river-sea cargo ship built in 1939 at Ganz. Her sisters were: Tisza, Ungvár, Kolozsvár and Komárom. Kassa made a lot of routes in Danube - Black Sea in german service. After the Second World War she renamed to Debrecen. Nowadays she is on anchor at Budapest.


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