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This page provides a list of all known assignments of aircraft codes such as 8-109 for the Bf 109. Note, that the list never was completely published, some numbers were assigned multiple times, and some numbers were taken by the manufacturers without being officially assigned by the RLM. As far as it is known, these conditions are mentioned in the text. For many of the entries the types are so well-known, that a source is not explicitly referenced.

Relation of this page to the German Wikipedia-RLM-List: I had significantly contributed to the Wikipedia list. Most of the sources there were referenced by me. On base of the version 2012-01-20 I did take the list again to here and corrected it.

Sources for the list are provided on the German site. See the link above right to switch to that page.

10Dornier Do 10(Do C1) fighter (prototype), 1931
11Dornier Do 11(Do F) medium bomber, 1931
11WNF Wn 11amphibian transport (prototype)
12Dornier Do 12''Libelle III'' (Dragonfly III), amphibian flying boat, 1932
13Dornier Do 13medium bomber, (Development of Do 11), 1933
14Dornier Do 14research amphibian (prototype)
15Dornier Do 15designation given to Dornier Do Y bomber numbers 3 and 4 in an attempt to interest RLM in them
15WNF Wn 15touring plane
16WNF Wn 16trainer (prototype)
16Dornier Do 16reconnaissance flying boat, ''Whale'' derivative of Dornier Do J

Do JII Wal, Do 16 Wal II
17Dornier Do 17''Fliegender Bleistift'' (Flying Pencil), medium bomber + reconnaissance + night-fighter

Base type Do17 Do17E/F, Do17E/F für Umbau V-1, Do17K, Do17M, Do17 V-1 Conversion, Do17Z2, Do17Z2
18Dornier Do 18long-range flying boat

Do18 1/700, Do18 G-1/D-2
19Dornier Do 19four-engined heavy bomber (2 prototypes only)

Do19 V1
20Dornier Do 20eight-engine flying boat (project)
21Junkers Ju 21Recon. According to engl. Wikipedia not assigned
22Dornier Do 22torpedo bomber + reconnaissance land & sea

Do22kl 1/700, Do22
23Dornier Do 23medium bomber (development of (Do 13/11)

Do23, Do23
24Dornier Do 24intended as reconnaissance flying-boat, used for search and rescue

Do24, Do24
25Klemm Kl 25sportsplane, development of Klemm Kl 20Kl25
26Klemm Kl 26sportsplane, development of L 25
26Dornier Do 26transport + reconnaissance flying-boat

Do26, Do26 V-2 Seefalke, Do26 V-2 Seefalke 1/700
27-assigned to Dornier, but not used
28-not allocated
29Dornier Do 29heavy fighter + bomber (project)
29Akaflieg DarmstadtTrainer. Akaflieg Darmstadt. Einmotorig. Von 1937(991)
30Focke-Wulf Fw 30autogyro Cierva C.30, licence-built by Focke-Wulf

Cierva C.30, Fw C.30 Heuschrecke (Cierva C.30)
31Klemm Kl 31single-engine transport, 1931
32Klemm Kl 32single-engine transport, 1931
33Klemm Kl 33(Klemm L 33), single-seat ultra-light sportplane (prototype), 1933
35Klemm Kl 35sportplane + trainer, 1935

Kl35, Kl35
36Klemm Kl 36single-engine transport, 1934
37-Heinkel zugeordnet, nicht verwendet(991). Die Heinkel HD37 (Jäger) wurde nicht neu benannt.
38Heinkel He 38fighter land & sea
38DFS 38Quo Vadis. Motorsegler(993). Schwanzloser Motorsegler
39DFS 39tail-less research aircraft

DFS39 Lippisch / Delta IVc
40Blohm & Voss BV 40Segelflugzeug/Jäger

40DFS 40tail-less research aircraft
41-Heinkel zugeordnet, nicht verwendet(991)
42Heinkel He 42seaplane trainerHe42C
42Focke-Wulf Fw 42bomber (project)

Fw 42
43Focke-Wulf Fw 43'Falke'' (Falcon), light passenger plane (prototypes). Original name was Fw A43
44Focke-Wulf Fw 44''Stieglitz'' ("Goldfinch"), trainer (biplane)

Fw 44 Stieglitz
45Heinkel He 45reconnaissance, later trainer

He45, He45
46Heinkel He 46reconnaissance

He46, He46
46Junkers Ju 46mailplane, derivative of W 34

Ju 46
47Focke-Wulf Fw 47weather plane
47Heinkel He 47light bomber (project)
49Heinkel He 49fighter (biplane)
49Junkers Ju 49high altitude research plane/record aircraft (prototype)

Ju 49
50Heinkel He 50reconnaissance + dive bomber (biplane)
51Heinkel He 51fighter + close-support (biplane)

Base type He51 He51A/W, He51A/W, He51 A-1, He 51 B-1, He 51 B
52Heinkel He 52Jagdflugzeug auf Basis Heinkel He 51

He 52
52Junkers Ju 52transport + bomber gained nickname ''Tante Ju'' ("Auntie Ju"),

Base type Ju52 Ju52, Ju52 (1/500), Ju52/3m
53-unbekannt. (Nicht Junkers K53 Aufklärer)
54DFS 54Höhensegelflugzeug(994). 1941 eingestellt
54Nagler-Rolz NR 54helicopter, development of NR 55 (prototype)
55Nagler-Rolz NR 55helicopter (prototype)
55Focke-Wulf Fw 55Fw designation of sportsplane Al 102 (or 101?)
56Focke-Wulf Fw 56''Stößer'' ("Falcon Hawk"), trainer (parasol monoplane)

Base type Fw56 Fw56 Demonstrator, Fw56, Fw56, Fw56, Fw56
57Focke-Wulf Fw 57heavy fighter + bomber (prototype)
58Focke-Wulf Fw 58''Weihe'' ("kite"), transport + trainer

Fw58 B Weihe, Fw58 C Weihe
58Heinkel He 58mail seaplane (prototype)
59Heinkel He 59reconnaissance (biplane seaplane)

He59C-2 Rotkreuz, He59B Rotkreuz 1/700
60Heinkel He 60ship-borne reconnaissance (biplane seaplane)

He60 1/700, He60 1/700, He60, He60C
60Junkers Ju 60passenger plane (prototype)
61Focke-Wulf Fw 61helicopter (2 prototypes), later Fa 61
61Heinkel He 61reconnaissance biplane (derivative of He 45)
62Focke-Wulf Fw 62ship-borne reconnaissance (biplane seaplane)

Fw 62 V3
62Heinkel He 62reconnaissance seaplane biplane, derivative of He 56 for Japan
63Heinkel He 63biplane trainer (prototypes)
64Arado Ar 64fighter (biplane)
64Heinkel He 64sports plane (prototypes)
65Arado Ar 65fighter/trainer, glider towing (biplane - re-engined Ar 64)Ar65
65Heinkel He 65mailplane project
66Arado Ar 66trainer + night intruderAr66c, Ar66 Nachtschlachtflgzg
66Heinkel He 66dive bomber, derivative of He 50 for China(995)
67Arado Ar 67biplane fighter prototype
68Arado Ar 68fighter (biplane)

Base type Ar68 Ar68E, Ar68F, Ar 68 A/E/F/H
69Arado Ar 69biplane trainer prototypes, 1933
70Heinkel He 70''Blitz'' (Lightning), single-engine transport + mailplane, 1932

He70, He70, He70F-2
71Heinkel He 71sports plane
72Heinkel He 72''Kadett'' (Cadet), trainer

He72B Kadett, He72B Kadett
73Heinkel He 73Heinkel zugeordnet, nicht verwendet(991)
74Heinkel He 74fighter + advanced trainer (prototypes)

75Albatros Al 75sportsplane
76Arado Ar 76fighter trainer

Ar 76 A-0, Ar76
77Arado Ar 77trainer (prototypes)
77Junkers Ju 77Transporter. Durch RLM reservierte aber nicht verwendete Nummer für die Ju EF77, einem Projekt für eine modernisierte Ju 52(996)
78Arado Ar 78Arado zugeordnet, nicht verwendet(991)
79Arado Ar 79sportsplane + trainer

80Arado Ar 80fighter (prototype)

81Arado Ar 81dive-bomber (prototypes)

Ar 81 V-3
82Junkers Ju 82Jagdflugzeug. Projekt, Jagdeinsitzer mit zwei Pulsorohren(159)
83-Nicht zugewiesen(991)(431)
84Albatros Al 84Jagdflugzeug. Ursprünglich L84. Zweisitziger Jagddoppeldecker. Nur Prototypen(991)
85Junkers Ju 85high-speed bomber project
86Junkers Ju 86bomber + reconnaissance

Base type Ju86 Ju 86 E, Ju86E1/E2, Ju 86 K-4 / B3A, Ju 86 K-13 1/700, Ju86 P, Ju86 R, Ju 86 Z-1/Z-7
87Junkers Ju 87''Stuka'', dive-bomber

Base type Ju87 Ju87A Legion Condor, Ju87A in Foreign Service, Ju87A, Ju87B-2, Ju87B-2, Ju87B-2/R2, Ju87B-2/U4 w/ Ski, Ju87C, Ju87C 1/700 (x8), Ju87C 1/700, Ju87D, Ju87D-3 Ag, Ju87 D-5 White Milk, Ju87G-2, Ju87D/G 1/700
88Junkers Ju 88bomber + reconnaissance + night-fighter

Base type Ju88 Ju88A-4, Ju88A-4, Ju88A-4, Ju88A-4, Ju88A-5/A-17, Ju88A 1/700, Ju88C-6, Ju88G-1/G-6, Ju88G-7, Ju88 H-3,H-4 Führungsmistel, Ju88 Mistel 1, Ju 88 P-1 mit 7,5cm Bk, Ju88 S-1/T-1, Ju88 S-3, Ju 88 V5 Glasveranda, Ju 88 V5 Glasveranda, Ju 88 V24 (B-2)
89Junkers Ju 89heavy bomber (2 prototypes)

Ju 89 Uralbomber
90Junkers Ju 90airliner, transport, patrolJu 90
91-Junkers zugeordnet. Nicht verwendet(991)
92-Junkers zugeordnet.(991)
93-Junkers zugeordnet. Nicht verwendet(991)
94-Junkers zugeordnet. Nicht verwendet(991)
95Arado Ar 95biplane coastal patrol + attack ( land & sea)Ar95A/W, Ar95B Land
96Arado Ar 96trainer

Base type Ar96 Ar96/Avia C-2, Ar96/Avia C-2, Ar96/Avia C-2, Ar96/Avia C-2, Ar96 V-9, Ar96B, Ar96B-5, Ar96T ( B-1 (T) ), Ar96B, Ar 96 1/700
97Fieseler Fi 97touring plane
98Fieseler Fi 98dive-bomber (2 prototypes)

Fi 98a
99Fieseler Fi 99''Jungtiger'' (Young Tiger) sportsplane + touring plane (1 prototype)
100Heinkel He 100fighter

Base type He100 He100, He100, He100, He100V8
101Albatros Al 101L 101, two-seat sportsplane + trainer, 1930
102Albatros Al 102L 102, two-seat sportsplane + trainer, 1931
103Albatros Al 103L 103, experimental, 1932
103Fieseler Fi 103V1 flying bomb

V1, Reichenberg Re III (Fi103), Reichenberg IV (Fi103), V1 mit Startrampe, Locotracteur Billard Wagon Péchot mod. 1888 as V -1 Transport, V1 Fi103 1/700
104Siebel Fh 104''Hallore'', medium transport

Siebel Fh104 Hallore
105Klemm Kl 105touring plane, development of Kl 35 (prototypes)
106Klemm Kl 106sportsplane (prototypes)
107Klemm Kl 107touring plane
108DFS 108Segelflugzeug "Kranich"
108Messerschmitt Bf 108''Taifun'' (Typhoon), trainer + transport

Me 108 B-2 Trop, Me108, Me108
109Messerschmitt Bf 109fighter

Special page Me109.php
110Messerschmitt Bf 110heavy fighter + night-fighter

Base type Me110 Me110, Me110A-0, Me110 C/D, Me110C/D Dackelbauch, Me110C/D Dackelbauch, Me110C-2/C-4, Me110C 1/700, Me110E, Me110E, Me110 E-1, Me110E/E-2, Me110G, Me110 G-2, Me110G4/R3
111Heinkel He 111bomber

Base type He111 He111 A, He111 B-1 Pedro, He111 C, He111 E, He111 H4/H6, He111 H20, He111 H20, He111 H22 mit V-1, He111 Z-1
112Heinkel He 112fighter

Base type He112 He112 B0/B1, He112 B-1 Ungarn, He112 B-1/2 Russland/Japan/Rum./Deutsch, He 112 B-0 Spanien, He112 E, He112 V3, He112 V6 Kanonenvogel, He112 V10, He112 V11
113Heinkel He 113He 100D-1 for disinformation purposes. (see He100)
Before that intermediate name of the He 118 Zeitweise aber auch Bezeichnung der He 118(995)

Base type He100
114Heinkel He 114reconnaissance seaplane

115Heinkel He 115general-purpose seaplane, torpedo-bomber

He115, He115
116Heinkel He 116long range mail, transport + reconnaissanceHe 116 A-0/V2, He 116 B-0
117Henschel Hs 117''Schmetterling'' (Butterfly), surface-to-air missile (rocket-engined)

Hs 117 Schmetterling
118Heinkel He 118dive-bomber (prototypes)

He118 V-1/V-2
119Heinkel He 119single propeller-twin engine high-speed bomber (prototypes) 1937

120Heinkel He 120four-engine long-range passenger flying-boat (project), 1938
121Henschel Hs 121fighter + trainer (prototype)

Hs 121
122Henschel Hs 122reconnaissance aircraft
123Henschel Hs 123light dive-bomber, ground-attack (biplane)

Base type Hs123 Hs123 A-1, Hs123 diverse, Hs123 A-1 China, Hs123 A-1, Hs123 A-1, Hs123 A-1 Lt.Hamann, Hs123 A-1, Hs123 B-1, Hs123 V1, Hs123 V4 Angelito, Hs123 V6/V7 (Hs 123 C)
124Henschel Hs 124heavy fighter + bomber (prototype)

Hs124 V1
125Henschel Hs 125fighter + trainer (prototype)

126Henschel Hs 126reconnaissance

Base type Hs126 Hs126, Hs126, Hs126, Hs126, Hs126A-1
127Henschel Hs 127high-speed bomber (prototype)

Hs 127 V-1
128Henschel Hs 128high altitude research aircraft

129Henschel Hs 129ground-attack

Base type Hs129 Hs129A, Hs129B, Hs129B (1/48), Hs129B-2, Hs129B-2/3, Hs129B-3/Wa, Hs129B-2/3
130Henschel Hs 130high altitude reconnaissance + bomber (prototypes)

Hs 130C V3
131Bücker Bü 131''Jungmann'' (Young Man), trainer (biplane)

Bü131 Jungmann
132Henschel Hs 132dive bomber (jet-engined) (prototype)

133Bücker Bü 133''Jungmeister'' (Young Champion), trainer + aerobatics (biplane)

Bü133 Jungmeister, Bü133 Jungmeister
134Bücker Bü 134touring plane (prototype)

Bü 134, Bü 134
135Blohm & Voss Ha 135biplane trainer (6 built)

Bv Ha 135
136Blohm & Voss Ha 136trainer (prototype)
136Hütter Hü 136dive-bomber (project)
137Blohm & Voss Ha 137light dive-bomber (prototypes)

Bv137 V-5 (B-0) (Ha137 V-5), Bv137 V2 (BMW-Motor)
138Blohm & Voss BV 138flying-boat, reconnaissance (first two designated as Ha 138)

Bv138 1/700, Bv138 Winter 1/700, Bv138
139Blohm & Voss Ha 139long-range floatplane

Bv139 V3/U1, Bv139 V3 Nordstern Lufthansa 1/700
140Blohm & Voss Ha 140torpedo bomber floatplane (prototypes)

Bv 140 (Ha 140)
141Blohm & Voss BV 141reconnaissance (asymmetric)Bv141 B, Bv141 B, Bv141 B-02
142Blohm & Voss BV 142reconnaissance + transportBv142
143Blohm & Voss BV 143glide bomb (prototype)
144Blohm & Voss BV 144transport
145Gotha Go 145trainer

Go145, Go145 B/C/D
146Gotha Go 146small transport (twin-engine), 1935
147Gotha Go 147STOL tail-less reconnaissance (prototypes)
147Junkers Ju 147bomber (project)
148-assigned to Gotha, not used for superstitious reasons (1+4+8 = 13)
149Gotha Go 149trainer (prototypes)

Go149, Go149
150Gotha Go 150two engine touring aircraft
151Klemm Kl 151touring plane (project)
152Klemm Kl 152fighter (project), number then assigned to Ta 152
152Focke-Wulf Ta 152fighter (derived from Fw 190)

Base type Ta152 Ta152C, Ta152H, Ta152H, Ta152H, Ta152H-1
153Focke-Wulf Ta 153fighter (derived from Fw 190, prototype)

Ta 153 V32/U1
154Focke-Wulf Ta 154Nachtjäger. Nr. urspr. an Klemm vergeben, dann von Fw verwendet.(991)

Ta154, Ta154 a Moskito
155Messerschmitt Me 155high-altitude interceptor (then Bv 155)

Me 155 1/700
155Blohm & Voss BV 155high-altitude interceptor (formerly Me 155)

Bv155 V1 (B-01), Bv155 V1 (B-01), Bv155 V2 (B-02), Bv155C (P.205)
156Fieseler Fi 156''Storch'' (Stork), STOL reconnaissance, ambulance