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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market.

Operation Dynamo, Dunkirk 26.5.-4.6.1940

HMS Calcutta

HMS Coventry 1940 (C Class Cruiser), HMS Calcutta 1941 (C Class Cruiser)
Scott class
Mackay, Malcom, Montrose

HMS Scott (Admiralty Leader), HMS Douglas 1942 (Admiralty Leader)
A class
Anthony, Codrington,

HMS Acasta / Ardent (A class), HMS Acasta 1930 (A class) (1/1250), Similar type Caldas ex Douro (Douro class) (1/1250), HMS Codrington (A class) (1/1250)
B class
Basilisk † , Keith †

HMS Blanche / Basilisk (B class), HMS Acasta 1930 (A class) (1/1250)
E&F class
Esk, Express

HMS Echo (E/F Class Destroyer)
G&H class
Galland, Grafton † , Grenade † , Greyhound, Harvester, Havant †

ORP Garland H37 (G&H Class Destroyer),
I class
Icarus, Impulsive, Intrepid, Ivanhoe

HMS Impulsive (I Class) (1/500), HMS Inglefield D02 (I Class) (1/1250), HMS Ithuriel (I Class)
J&K&N class
Jackal, Jaguar, Javelin,

HMS Kipling Mai 1941 Kreta (JKN Class Destroyer)
S class
Sabre, Saladin, Scimitar, Shikari

HMS Sabre H18 (1944) (Admiralty-S Class), HMS Trojan (1918) (Admiralty-S Class)
V class
Vanquisher, Vega, Venomous, Verity, Vimy, Vivacious, Wakeful † , Whitehall, Whitshed, Wild SwanWinchelsea, Windsor, Wolfhound, Wolsey, Worcester

HMAS Vampire D68 (V Class Destroyer), HMS Winchester L55 (WAIR 1942) (V Class Destroyer), HMAS Vampire für LRE Umbau (V Class Destroyer),
Kit candidate: Volunteer LRE Conversion of Tamiya
ORP Błyskawica

ORP Grom (1940) (Grom Class Destroyer)
Bourasque class
Bourrasque † , Cyclone, Mistral, Siroco

Simoun (Simoun/Bourrasque class) (1/1250), Similar type ORP Burza (1936) (Wicher Class Destroyer)
L'Adroit class
Foudroyant †

Fougueux (L'Alcyon class) (1/1250)
Aigle class

Milan (1942) (Gerfaut)
Chacal class

Panthere (1940) (Chacal Class)
La Melpomène class

La Flore (Pomone class) (1/1250), TA9-TA13 (Pomone class) (1/1250)
Hunt MS class

HMS Hunt 1917 / UJ 2109 1943 (Hunt MS sloops) (1/1250), HMS Hunt 1917 (Hunt MS sloops) (1/600), HMS Hunt/Aberdareclass HMS Sutton J78 1939 (Hunt MS sloops) (1/600),
Élan class

Élan (Elan class)
Halcyon class

HMS Halcyon class (Halcyon class) (1/1250), HMS Bramble (Halcyon class)
Arras class

Tahure (1939/40) Aviso (Arras Class), Belfort 1939/40 (Arras Class), Tahure 1941 (Arras Class)
Shoreham class

HMS Shoreham (Shoreham class) (1/1250)
Kingfisher class

HMS Kittiwake 1942 (Kingfisher class) (1/600), HMS Kingfisher (Kingfisher class) (1/1250)
Bougainville class

Savorgnan De Brazza (1931/40) Aviso (Bougainville)
Dragonfly class
Locust, Mosquito
Harbour tugs, Rescue Tugs
Simla, TID…

British Paddle Wheel Tugs, HMT Stormking (Assurance Tug class), HMS TID class (HMS TID class), , Simla
Paddle Minesweepers
Medway Queen, Queen of Thanet, …†

HMS Ascot (1917) (Racecourse class), British Paddle Wheel Tugs
Many other

HMS Train Ferry 1,2,3 (Train Ferry 1 class), RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch


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