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Battle of Heligoland Bight 28.8.1914

Royal Navy

8th ‘Oversea’ Submarine Flotilla
Acheron / I class
HMS Lurcher, Firedrake

HMS Acheron (Acheron/I class), HMS Acheron (Acheron/I class)
D class
D2, D3

Similar style HMS C class submarine, Group 2 (HMS C class submarine)
E class

Similar style HMS C class submarine, Group 2 (HMS C class submarine)
1st Flotilla

HMS Amphion 1913 (Active class) (1/1250), HMS Amphion 1913 (Active class) (1/1250)
Acheron / I class
Acheron, Attack, Hind, Archer, Ariel, Ferret, Forester, Druid, Defender, Badger, Beaver, Jackal , Sandfly, Goshawk, Lizard, Lapwing, Phoenix

HMS Acheron (Acheron/I class), HMS Acheron (Acheron/I class)
Laforey / L class
Lucifer, Llewellyn

HMS Legion 1914 (L 1914 class), HMS L class 1913 (?) (L class 1915) (1/1250)
3rd Flotilla

HMS Arethusa 1914 (Arethusa 1914 class) (1/1250), Similar type SMS Brummer 1917
Laforey / L class
Lookout, Leonidas, Legion , Lennox, Lark, Lance, Linnet and Landrail , Laforey, Lawford, Louise , Lydiard, Laurel, Liberty, Lysander , Laertes

HMS Legion 1914 (L 1914 class), HMS L class 1913 (?) (L class 1915) (1/1250)
Force C
Cressy class
Euryalus, Cressy, Hogue, Aboukir, Bacchante

HMS Hogue (Cressy class) (1/1250), Similar type HMS Leviathan 1903 (Drake class), HMS Cressy 1901 (Cressy class)

HMS Topaze 1904 (Gem class) (1/1250)
Force K

HMS Inflexible 1909 (Invincible BC class), HMS Invincible 1908 (Invincible BC class) (1/1250)
New Zealand

HMS New Zealand 1912 (Indefatigable class) (1/1250), HMS New Zealand 1912 (Indefatigable class)
Grand Fleet Detackment
Lyon, Queen Mary, Princess Royal

HMS Lion (Lion class) (1/1250), HMS Princess Royal 1912 (Lion class)
Southampton, Birmingham, Falmouth, Liverpool, Lowestoft and Nottingham

Similar type HMS Glasgow 1910 (Town 1910 Cruiser), HMS Nottingham 1914 (Town 1910 Cruiser|Birmingham group) (1/1250), Similar type HMS Chester 1916 (Town 1910 Cruiser), Similar type Republica / Navarra / Reina Victoria Eugenia (Reina Victoria Eugenia class) (1/1250)


Outer Patrol Line / I. Torpedoboot-Flottille
Grosses Torpedoboot 1906
V187 † , V188, V189, V190, V191, G197, G196, G193, G194

T151 Comet (Großes Torpedoboot 1906), SMS V150/155 (Großes Torpedoboot 1906), SMS V156 / T156 / Bremse (Großes Torpedoboot 1906), Blitz II ex T185 (Großes Torpedoboot 1906) (1/1250)
Inner Patrol Line / III Minesweeping Division

SMS D-9 (1894) (Divisionstorpedoboote) (1/1250), SMS D-9a (1910) (Divisionstorpedoboote) (1/1250), Similar type Vsadnik 1894 / Makigumo (Kazarski class), Similar type Klas Horn (Kazarski class) (1/1250)
Kleines Torpedoboot 1885-1892 (S 7-S 65)
T25, T29, T31, T33, T34, T35, T36, T37, T49

SMS S7 (S7 Class), SMS S7 (S7 Class) (1/1250), SMS Tb 1885 / S7 (S7 Class), Similar type Yanchikhe 201 (S7 Class)
Kleines Torpedoboot 1893-1898 (S 66-G 89)
T71, S73 (T73?)

SMS S67 (Kleines Torpedoboot 1893-1898 / S 66 class) (1/1250), Similar type Aquila class 1888 (Aquila 1888 class)
Verstärkung / V Torpedo Boat Flotilla
Großes Torpedoboot 1911
V1, V2, V3, V6, S13, G7, G9, G10, G11, G12

T111 ex G11 (Großes Torpedoboot 1911) (1/1250), SMS S14 1912 (Großes Torpedoboot 1911)

SMS Königsberg (Königsberg class) (1/1250), Similar type SMS Nürnberg 1914 (Stuttgart class),
Kit candidate: Königsberg 1916 announced by Kombrig Juli 2020

SMS Niobe (1900/1918) (Gazelle-Klasse)

SMS Breslau 1912 / TR Midilli (Magdeburg class) (1/1250), SMS Magdeburg (Magdeburg class)
Mainz, Cöln
both †

SMS Cöln 1911 (Kolberg class) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: Kolberg announced by Kombrig Juli 2020

SMS Niobe (1900/1918) (Gazelle-Klasse)


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