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Destroyer, Escorts

Eilath ex … ex USCGC Northland WPG-49
cutter, icebreaker. First warship of the Israeli Navy 1948-62
Flower class
HaShomer / Wedgwood ex HMCS Beauharnois (K540). 1948-54, Haganah ex HMCS Norsyd (K520). 1948-50s

Base type Flower Class
Revenue cutter
Hatikvah ex USCGC Gresham (WPG-85).1896;1948-51
Maoz ex … USS Cythera (PY-31)
PC461 class
Nogah (K-26) ex USS PC-1265 and ASPC Yucatán. 1948-52. Nogah 2 (K-22) ex USS PC-1188. 1953-60s

USS PC599 (1/1250), USS PC 173' (PC461) (1/600), USS PC 173' (PC461)
River class
Mivtach ex HMCS Orkney (K448) 1949. Sold to Ceylon as HMCyS Mahasena. Misgav ex HMCS Strathadam (K682) 1950-70s. Miznak ex HMCS Hallowell (K666).1952-58. Sold to Ceylon in 1958 as HMCyS Gajabahu.

HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
Hunt I class
Haifa ex HMS Mendip (L60) Captured from Egypt on 31 October 1956. Commissioned in 1957 - 1968

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942)
Z/C class
Eilath ex HMS Zealous 1944;1955-1967 destroyed Port Said by SSN-2 Styx rockets from Egyptian Project 183R FAC. Yaffa ex HMS Zodiac 1944;1955-72
Sa'ar 5 Eilat class
Israeli design, built in US. 1993-; Eilat, Lahav, Hanit

Sa'ar 5 Eilat class
Sa'ar 6
Corvette in construction in Germany on Braunschweig/A-100 design. Magen, Oz, Atzmaut und Nitzachon

Magdeburg F261


Fairmile B
HaPortzim ex HMS

HMS Fairmile B (1/600), HMS Fairmile B (1/1250)
Palmach ex Yacht HMS Moretta
Dror, Sa'ar, Tirtza

HMS Fairmile HDML (1/600)
ex German R, bought from Italy

R89 Minenräumer Typ 89 (1942-45)

Fast attack craft

Jaguar class / Sa'ar 1 class
built in France on German Jaguar design. Later converted to Saar 2. Mivtach, Miznak, Misgav

Iltis P6058, Jaguar-Klasse (1/1250), Tiger P6063 1958/76, Sa’ar 1, Sa’ar 1
Sa'ar 2
1969 converted from Sa'ar 1 and new build on same design

Similar type Iltis P6058, Similar type Jaguar-Klasse (1/1250), Similar type Tiger P6063 1958/76, Sa’ar 2, Sa’ar 2
Sa'ar 3
French build, mod. Jaguar design1970-88 (then to Chile)

Sa'ar 3 class (1/1250), Sa’ar 3
Sa'ar 4
1973/80-1981/2000. Sold to Chile, Sri-Lanka

Sa’ar 4 *
Sa'ar 4.5
1980/2003-2004/today. Some sold to Mexico

Sa'ar 4.5 Hetz-subclass, Sa'ar 4.5 Aliya-subclass, Sa'ar 4.5 Aliya-subclass


ex HMS built 1945. 1959-72

HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43
ex HMS 1943
Gal class
Israeli-German design (type 206) built in UK. 1977-2000s

Gal class
Dolphin class
German-Israeli design built in Germany. 2000-

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200
Dolphin 2 class
German-Israeli design built in Germany 2014-

U-Boot Klasse 214

Not assigned




AF Typ D2. Artilleriefähre, AF Typ D 2.Version Artilleriefähre 1944, MFP Typ D Marinefährprahm, MFP Typ D Marinefährprahm, MFP Typ D 10,5cm ++AA 1945, MFP Typ DM 1944


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