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This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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Isla de Luzon class

Isla de Cuba 1887 (1/1250), Isla de Luzon 1887


Allen M.Sumner Class

USS Maddox DD-731
Azio class
1938-50 gunboat

General Soublette ex Dardanelli, General Urdanetta ex Milazzo,
General Soublette 1943 (1/1250)
Battle Class Gr.I

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944)
Lupo 1977 class

Perseo F566 1977 (1/1250)

Small combattants

USS PC461 class

USS PC 173' (PC461) (1/600), USS PC 173' (PC461), USS PC-466 (SC 173' ), USS PC599 (1/1250)
Abnaki class

Abnaki class corvettes, Similar type USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166


Tench class
Tench class
Klasse 209

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200

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